Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meme's Lane 3: Unconscious Mutterrings

  1. Be mine :: The lotto jackpot!!! everyone wants to have this

  2. Ecstatic :: My barkadas

  3. Orderly :: my planner

  4. Sebastian :: The dog

  5. Sore :: my eyes

  6. Don’t need :: to take a lot of carbohydrates and sweets. hehehe need to watch my weight

  7. Rockstar :: don't know

  8. Tinfoil :: wrapper

  9. Addiction :: bags, shoes and perfumes and of course my blogs!!!hehehe

  10. Where? :: Amanpulo


Anonymous said...

Hi Khim!
thanks for visiting my site. I haven't posted any recent updates. Golly Geez!!! Btw: I already linked your website!!!

khimphotz said...

Thanks. amateur pa lang toh. hehehe. i learned all the blog tricks from my blog mentors vayie and tetay.

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