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Daily Devotion 1: Day 59: A CHRISTIAN'S DEFENSE

2 weeks ago, I promised to post a Daily devotion here on my blog in order to inspire those who's trying to visit my blog. It's a daily dose for our soul that can help us stregthen our faith.

As an Adventist we always have a devotion every morning and I must say that it's a good practice. Kasi it really help me to understand God's plan for me and it also helps me to get closer to Him. So I decided to share this practice to you guys and I just hope that you can get something from this post.

You might be wondering, bakit DAY 59 na ung start ko. It's because everday 1 devotion ung binabasa and dinidiscuss namin so since it's the last day of the month of February, Day 59 na tayo of this year. Let me start this by introducing the devotional book that I am using for this year.

The book is entittled "Prayer, Praises and Promises: A Daily Walk Through the Psalms" by Warren Wiersbe. Psalms has been an excellent source of comfort, courage and strength. The author focused on the book of Psalm in order to provide us strength and hope on our spiritual journey.

Here's for today's devotion.

READ PSALM 26:1-12

Have you ever been blamed for something that you didn't do? Leaders often are blamed falsely. The Israelites blamed Moses for lack of water, bitter water, enemies, attacks and lack of food. In this Psalm, David is falsely accused, so he takes four steps to deal with his slanders.

Step 1: An honest examination (vv. 1-3) Human nature does not want to admit it's wrong, but we need to examine ourselves. David walked in integrity. Interity means "wholeness of character". He also walked in faith without wavering. We find David open before God, walking in the light and letting God examine Him. We would save ourselves a lot of trouble if we would let Him examine us. He wants to teach us what we really like. If we are right before God, it makes no difference what people say.

Step 2: A holy separation (vv.4,5). People accused David of being a hypocrite, eventhough he did not worship false gods. We must obey the biblical doctrine of holy seperation (II Cor. 6:14-18).

Step 3: A happy celebration (vv. 6-8). David washed his hands in innocence. He was cleansed by water and blood. He was concerned about praising, loving and glorifying God. Just as Jesus sang before His crucifixtion, David sang songs of praise around the altar, the place of sacrifice. Do we sing songs of praise when we have to make sacrifices?

Step 4: A humble determination (vv.9-12). David said: "As for me, I will walk in my integrity." When a person has integrity, he has a great defense, a great shield. Character is a marvelous shield against the accusation of men. A good conscience gives us courage in times of difficulty.

The Christian's defense is the grace of God, His Word and His truth. Because of this we're able to walk. David's foot stood in an even place. He was not standing alone - he was in the congregation. Let's take the same steps David took the next time some SLANDERS us.



Beauty Regimen 1: "FLAWLESS" less is more

Yesterday, I went to SM Manila to visit Flawless by Belo to had my facial. At first, I was so hesitant to go kasi naman gastos na naman. hehehe. Well, those who know me well, alam na ang susunod na kabanata.hehehe. "YES", I proceed pa din. Upon entering, a receptionist approach me agad and she was very friendly. In fairness, ok ang vibes ko sa kanya. Then I was asked to fill in a form and I was asked to wait for a minute. After a minute, Liza, the aesthician that was assigned to me called my name and assisted me inside. Too, bad I can't take pictures inside kasi it's bawal daw. hehehe.

I had the basic facial lang to get rid of my black and white heads. It's a whooping Php 350 less 15% because partner establishment sya ng company. The procedure lasted for 55 minutes and I can say that it was indeed "AMAZING". Kasi naman super gaan ng kamay niya and nakatulog nga ako hehehe. The first step is CLEANSING syempre nilagyan niya ng cleansing foam ung face ko. Then the next step is she rinse the foaming cleanser and apply some cold cream on my face. Then minamassage niya ung head ko, sarap talaga. Then nakaka relax kasi instrumental ung DVD on play. Liza, explained everyting to me and she will tell me if magstart na kami ng next step and etc. Ako gusto ko un kasi matanung ako eh. hehehe. Atleast sa kanya di na ako nagtatanung nakikinig na lang since she always explain naman ung ginagawa niya. The next step syempre inalis na niya mga black and white heads ko. She even discuss nga ung mga nakikita niya sa skin ko. She commented naman that I had a healthy skin and maputi daw naman ako so need ko lang maintain ung mga "beauty rituals" na ginagawa ko. hehehe. After that she apply a mouisturizer naman on my face and after that tinapat na niya ung steam for 10 minutes. Then habang naka tapat ung facial steam, she placed a hand moist/steam sa hands ko for about 2-3 minutes and then massage niya ulit ung hands ko. Sarap talaga!!! After the facial steam, nilagyan naman niya ng gauze ung face and then syempre ung last laser, para naman ung pores ma close since di ba nag alis sya ng black and white heads ko. Grabe, ayoko na nga lumabas ng mall kasi madudumihan na naman ung face ko. hehehe. arte arte noh. bwahehehehe. The first person that I texted was Tetay. hehehe. syempre naman super over satisfied ako eh. Hay naku basta talaga mga ganyan bagay go na go ako. I advice try niyo din kasi OK naman service nila eh.

Meme's Lane 6: 2nd Friday Fill-In

Here's my share for the week. Sorry, late ako ng 1 day!!! we go!

1. I'm "KHIM" I'm "turning 27 next month", I "am excited".

2. Why do I have "to go to the gym" and "not to BELO" lolz....

3. How does this "samsung j750" work, anyway?

4. Every morning, I put "mouisturizer" on my "face".

5. I consider myself lucky because "I have the simple things that can make me happy".

6. One day we’ll see "a change in my waistline measurement. hehehehe".

7. And as for the weekend, "last friday I had my facial at Flawless by Belo, got my new phone from Globe and I bought a new Starbucks tumbler, today my plans include spending the whole afternoon here at home reading books and tommorrow (Sunday), I want to have my foot spa at BUFF spa"!

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Our Wedding Diary 4: Say it with flowers 1

Original Post: February 21, 2009

I've been searching for the perfect orange bridal bouquet on the net and I found all of these. Would you be kind enough to help me pick the "best" bouquet? I decided to have my bridal bouquet in orange shades and my entourage bouquet will be in shades of yellow or red. Since my entourage gown will already be in shades of orange it will be look good on them if the colors of the flowers will be in contrast with the color of their gown.

Here's some of the bouquet that I found for my bouquet:

(The brown ribbon will be used for my entourage bouquet. mas cute kasi di ba pag brown ung pinaka wrap ng handle ng flowers nila. We'll be using brown as one of our accent colors)

As for my entourage, can you also help me pick one for them?

Got this comment from my w@w sisses

suyen said...
Hi sis,

I like the 2nd & 3rd bridal bouquet.. as for your entourage, I like the 3rd one =)

February 22, 2009 8:04 PM
Insider said...
i like the 1st bouquet, its simple and un pagkaorange maganda.

February 25, 2009 5:03 PM

pede pa po kaya humabol. feel free to comment

Our Wedding Diary 3:Wedding and Debuts 2009

Original Post: February 18, 2009

Good thing Jen was available last Sunday afternoon and she went with me to SM Megamall to attend the Wedding and Debut 2009 bridal fair. I was quite excited to go to this fair as I'll be making a downpayment for our wedding cake, so that means another accomplishment on our "WEDDING TO DO LIST". Also, this is Jen's first bridal fair so I make it a point that she'll enjoy the experience.

Upon entering Megatrade Hall 2 we started to look for Tita Gervy, but we have to stopped and visit the other booths from time to time to look for an invitation that will best suit my wedding theme and color motiff. Inviting Jen was a good choice since we have the same taste when it comes to designs, I wanted a simple and elegant invitation. The first booth that we visited is the QP design, we saw an invitation that perfectly suit my wedding theme and motiff. Upon seeing the first invite, Jen said " Ay, I like. It's nice", and I must agree it's so nice. The invite was simple and elegant and we booth love it!!! 1 invite set includes: the main invite, the entourage page, the Map insert and the envelope with an embossed monogram on it. There's also a seperate RSVP insert that I can get as a freebie along with the the monogram, gift tags and Thank you cards. The invite looks similar to this, but the border will be a little differrent since it's an autumn theme. The paper is in a light bronze shade with an orange border and a gold ink will be used.

I just asked for the price of the invites since I don't want to keep Jen waiting. She already said that the place is congested so I have to keep her away from the crowd. hehehe. (Kahiya naman kasi naabala ko na nga sya then makipagsiksikan pa sya). We went to another booth and I also like the design that i saw. I told Jen, that I wanted to have a sticker monogram so it will sealed our invites. Jen gave me this comment " OK din yan, para masunod ang luho mo." hehehehe.

After checking on the other invites here's our final verdict:

KHIM: Ok yung unang invites!
JEN: I like tlaga the FIRST one!

Yipee I already found the design na for the invite. Next in line is to look for the booth of Gervy's Amazing Cakes, since I have to gave her our downpayment for the cake. When I saw, Tita Gervy's booth, I informed Jen that I already saw Tita Gervy and we headed towards her direction. Jen, like the cake on display. It's a very simple chocolate covered cake with bride and groom topper that looks so sweet sitting on the edege of the cake. I even borrowed the photo albums and asked Jen to help me picked a design. Upon browsing the pages we suddenly saw an Autumn theme cake and I knew it was the perfect design for my wedding cake. I super love it. It has an maple leaves as a design and an edible bride and groom that serves as the cake topper. I just need to add a little details on the cake in order to make it more personalize. I want to put a mobile tower as a cake topper and then on the second layer there's an edible bride and groom holding a cellphone. hehehe.

Since Tita Gervy had cake samples with with her, I offered Jen some in order for her to atste the cake. Jen, ate the chocolate flavor first and then the carrot cake and she really love it. After paying the downpayment and signin g the contract, Tita Gervy gave me a box of assorted cakes. It's so yummy, I offered pa Jen to taste pa the other sample.

Jen and I looked for a photographer and I was surprised that Vignette photography by Danny Ignacio was one of the exhibitors. I really love his shoots since from the start and his package is within our budget. He even won a lot of award and recogniton last year including the Photographer of the year 2008. I'm thinking of getting him to cover our wedding day.That will be a good idea, one of the best photogrpaher in town covering my wedding day! Hmmmmmm, that sounds really nice.

Jen left the fair at around 5PM. I decided to stay a little longer in order to check some suppliers in my list. I went back to the QP booth in order to get a quotation for the invites that I wanted. The AE gave me a quotation and I must say that it's a good deal, it perfectly fits our budget. Yipee, I haggle a little more and ask for an added discount and she was able to said "Yes'!!! Good thing I was born with a "HAGGLING POWER'"hahaha. She even informed me that she can give me a bigger discount when I booked them at PICC this coming March on Wedding Expo 2009. Whew, yipeeeee. I was able to get a huge discount for the invites and it's almost 40% savings from the budget that we allotted for it. I texted Roj right away and inform him about the quote that I got from QP and he gave his "Go signal". Yipee, I can be able to book them on Wedding Expo along with some of our chosen suppliers that will be participatingm on the said fair.

I went to Eddie Bruan's booth afterward as I promised Tito Eddie that I will visit his booth. Upon greeting him, He told me that He'll be able to do the trial make- up on the next fair for free which is the Wedding Expo. He even told me that He's going to give a discount a special gift and a little pampering when I booked him next month. :-) yipeee...a lot of freebies...hehehe. He even endorsed me to 15-58 flower shop and they gave me a super good deal for the church and entourage flower.

It's really my lucky day! I got a lot of freebies and discount for the suppliers that we're eyeing for. Yippeee...Next bridal fair I'll be able to place a downpayment for them. Don't worry I'll place my kwentos again here.

Bye for now.....TODDLES!!!!!!

Here's the comments for this entry on my other blog

ketchupplease said...
hi sis! i added you na in my link. sorry for the delay.. oh my gosh i LOVE your invitations!!! :-) happy preps!

February 24, 2009 10:33 PM
Roj and Khim said...
im glad you like my invites sissy. you think maganda outcome if palitan namin ng konti ung mga victorian appliques niya, gawin namin autumn ganun...

February 25, 2009 6:34 PM

Our Wedding Diary 2: A quick start

Original Post: February 16, 2009 from my wedblog

Although we have a wedsite, I decided to set up another blog for our "behind the wedding kwentos". (sad to say i have to close na nga the other blog, so dito na lang lahat mga sissy) :-) The details that will be posted on our wedsite will be for our final and formal announcement. I mean the wedding theme, concept, the gown, the entourage gowns, the flowers that we already picked and we're going to use will be posted on our wedsite. All the stories on finding the perfect suppliers and chooisng the concept for our wedding will be posted here in order to help soon to wed couples on choosing the right suppliers for them. I will also include a DIY corner, wedding tips and and alternate options (for some accesorries or concept) that can help you achieve a quality without

Preparing for a wedding is a truly a tiring but a very memorable, enjoyable and fulfilling experience. We started preparing for our wedding last year. We went to a lot of wedding fairs in order to check the rates of the suppliers that we want to be included in our "DREAM TEAM". But choosing and finding the right suppliers is not an easy task. In our case it's almost 11 months since we start looking for our photographer and videographer but until now, we don't have one. At first we have 14 photogrpaher and 4 videographer in mind, we love their styles and theis concept. Then we consider our budget, would you imagine that our choices suddenly narrowed down to 6 photographers and 3 videographer. hehehehe. Budget plays an imporatnt role in our wedding planning, our motto "if we can't afford our first choice (supplier) look for someone else with the same talent but with a lower rate". Sometimes, we COMPROMISE".

Take a look of the things that we always consider on finding our suppliers. I will also include this list pag nagpost na ako ng "wedding kwentos" on how we choose them in order for you to know why we make them a part of our "DREAM TEAM". Here they are:


Khim's Thoughts 12: A Very Difficult Decision

One of my friend who always read my blogs texted me last night and here's her messages: Hi Khim, wow you had a seperate blog for your wedding preps. Di ka ba nahirapan magmaintain. Why not pag isahin mo na lang para mas cute pag napuno at madaming blog entry di ba? opinion lang naman. fr: syempre secret na to.

Actually, I really want a seperate blog for my wedding preps to be more organized. But then, it's not easy to maintain a blog. So I decided to merge it na lang here.

Jonah, was seating beside me and kinukulit ko sya about this. hehehe. Sabi niya why not pag isahin na lang daw saka part naman ng life ko ang wedding ko. Since this blog is about me nga naman lahat ng naman ng happenings about my life should be here and she told me to just make a label na lang for my wedding details. hmmmm...sounds a good idea. I'll just add "Wedding Details" as one of the category so that when you want to know any updates or the kwento's behind our wedding preps, you can easily find it. Thanks Jonah! Eventhough super 3 hours kitang kinulit about this at super inabala kita sa pag babasa ng twilight hehehe. naisip mo pa din un.

Parang kelan lang, I decided to put a seperate blog for my wedding preps then ngayon gusto ko na i-merge na lang at i have to close the other one. hehehehe. But one good thing about it, i just have to maintain 1 blog with all my wedding kwentos and my daily taboos. Yipeee....I'll be closing my wedblog on Sunday so I have to transfer my 2 entry dito saka ung blog roll.

side kwento on Jonah: Dati inis ako sa kanya kasi ingay ingay niya di ako maka concentrate sa email ko. pag transfer ko sa chat isa sya sa mga nagtuturo sa akin ng mga things that i should do during my chats. Masaya naman sya kasama and shes's super bubbly. I told her that her voice was too intimidating dati, hahaha. She apologise naman and she said that she will not take it against me or kahit kanino kasi syempre may kanya kanya naman tayo opinion di ba. I guess, she also learned her lesson from that experinece and naging sensitive na sya sa mga tao sa paligid niya. Jonah, peace tayo hehehehe.

Meme's Lane 5: 2nd Thursday Thunks

1. What kind of dryer sheets do you use? none

2. How many times a week do you eat out/order in? we eat out or order in 5-6x amonth but not a week.

3. What did you do the night of your high school graduation? i think I'm at Wilma's place

4. So Octomom is rumored to have been offered a million bucks to do a porno. Would you do it for a million? ah.....nope.....

5. If your child was born with an extra finger or toe, would you have it surgically removed? If that will do him more good than harm, why not!

6. What was the last movie you saw? Twilight

7. I wanna buy you a dozen roses, what color should they be? That should be "WHITE ecudorian roses"

8. You are walking across the street, you are not quite half way when a speeding car comes... you have to run to get out of its way, which direction do you run? to my point of origin

9. Tell us about a time when you were invited over somewhere and had the most awful time. secret, she might be reading this blog hehehehe

10. You open your front door and there is a box with a puppy in it... what do you do? I'll give it to my niece, she's so fond of puppies.

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Blogging Activity 1: Blogger Award

I received this blogger award from Vayie last year. Pero by that time there are only 3 of them who reads my blog. hehehe. This time sis Jans - a co w@wie tagged me and for the second time around, I guess I can answer and tagged 10 peoples na now.!!!

1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write ten facts about themselves. You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.

So, here are my ten, weird, random, little known facts or habits about myself.

1. I don't eat pork and seafoods.

2.I love reading inspirational books. I always keep them and recommend them to friends.

3. I usually wait for my fiancee's texts message before I go to sleep. Eventhough he's not with me, we make it a point na sabay kami mag sleep. When I'm on a graveyard shift and she's on an AM or Mid shift he make sure that I'm already at the office before he goes to sleep. Sweet..sweet..sweet..

4.I can't slepp without blanket and a lot of pillows on my side. Blanket and pilows makes me feel cozy.

5. Im such an OC. Not at all times, but I'm bit OC when it comes to the cleanliness of my room.

6.I have difficulty on buying shoes. Usually my size is between size 8 - 9. Sometimes I envy those who had a smaller size because they can buy those cute shoes on the rack. As for me I have to look for a size 9 pa before I consider the design. But if you have a small size you can just look for the design and style because there's always an available stock.

7.I love shopping a lot. Whether it be in a mall, tiangge or kahit saan hehehe. I'm not a shopping addict naman. sabi ko love ko lang ang shopping. I like it best when my fiancee is with me habang nag shopping kasi He always make it a point to check if the dress or shoes or bags look good on me. He's not plastic noh. hehehe

8.I love pampering myself. I always go to the facial 2x a month, I always had my footspa 1 a month (dati kasi every other month, kaya lang it takes 28 days pala para bumalik ung dead skin a feet kaya ayun if every other 2 weeks ala din kwenta ang pa foot spa kaya evry month na lang.)Manicure and pedicure every other week. What else? When I have time I usually go to the spa. I have a lot of body wash at home. I have a mouisturising body wash, rejuvenating body wash, soothing body wash, pampering body wash, exfoliating body was, and AROMATHERAPY SLEEP BODY WASH & FOAM BATH. You might asked me pano ko ginagamit, well it depends. If I sense na masayado dry ang skin ko then I use the mouisturizing body wash, pero after that di na ako nag lolotion or bath oil. hehehe. I have different combinations, I'll discuss it cguro in a seperate entry.

9. I love to travel. If money was not an issue I would travel every week and visit a lot of place. First in my list is Paris!!!

10. The first impression that ng mga tao sa akin "mataray", "kakatakot" and "strict". But when they come to know me they will always say that I'm maingay, kalog, makwento and masayang kasama.

Now I'm tagging KC, Chi,Trina, Grace, Ivy, Maan, Mei, Fozy, Ni, Suyen and Zigrid

Meme's Lane 4: Unconcious Muttering week 317

  1. Carpet ::
  2. Jasmine
  3. William ::
  4. Prince
  5. Oh! ::
  6. my gulay
  7. Board game ::
  8. Scrabble
  9. Sunlight ::
  10. oh sunlight.....
  11. Delay ::
  12. text messages
  13. Winner ::
  14. KHIM
  15. Concubine ::
  16. im thinking
  17. Comatose ::
  18. hospital
  19. Satisfy ::
  20. not really

Shopping Mania 2: Oh My..Discounts..privelages and freebies...

I have checked my Outlook inbox today and I have 3 emails that really makes me "super happy". It contains information about the discount and special privelages that we can get from our company's partner- establishment. Kahit pa maliit lang discount ng iba, it's still a discount and it can still make me happy and also my wallet happy. lolz

Here's the first TREAT!

Croc's Mania

Here comes the second TREAT (just click on the image to enlarge)

I really love this one, coz I'm a SPA addict! I really love to pamper and indulge myself into beauty regimens and treaments. hehehehe. I usually go to facial 2x a month (good thing may discount din sa Flawless by Belo..yipee), foot spa 1x a month, manicure and pedicure every other week and visits spa once a month. May sister always tell me "Ate, you're so maluho", I'll answer back "Di kaya, I just know how to take care of my skin and body hehehehe! Kaya alng ang waistline susunod na din yun. hehehe.

Here's the other Freebies and privelages that we can get......(Just click on the image to enlarge)

Yipee... So many freebies. Here's my top picks: Outback Steakhouse, Enchanted Kingdom, L Timestudio (syempe watch) , The Spa (their foot packages and their back scrub), Flawless by Belo (facials), Memo, Fitness First, Slimmers World (their Spa packages).

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meme's Lane 3: Unconscious Mutterrings

  1. Be mine :: The lotto jackpot!!! everyone wants to have this

  2. Ecstatic :: My barkadas

  3. Orderly :: my planner

  4. Sebastian :: The dog

  5. Sore :: my eyes

  6. Don’t need :: to take a lot of carbohydrates and sweets. hehehe need to watch my weight

  7. Rockstar :: don't know

  8. Tinfoil :: wrapper

  9. Addiction :: bags, shoes and perfumes and of course my blogs!!!hehehe

  10. Where? :: Amanpulo

Friday, February 20, 2009

Meme's Lane 2: Thursday Thunks on a friday morning!

Feb 19th version of Thursday Thunks!

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Berleen, the color Barney Purple and the number 734.

1. What brand & flavor of toothpaste do you use? Colgate
2. What is your earliest memory? When my dad taught me how to sing. I was 1 or 2 years old if I remember it right.
3. Hot Dogs or Hamburgers? Beef hamburgers
4. If you could bring any one famous person back to life, who would it be? Princess Diana
5. What is one thing we would always find in your fridge... what one thing would we never find? a bottle of water. PORK!
6. Did you have to go and look for the answer of #1? nope
7. What don't watermelons grow on trees? can't thik of any reasons
8. What is something that you own that you should probably just throw in the trash, but you never will? my old organizer
9. I push you into a room and lock the door. I leave you there for 6 hours. The walls are chalkboards and in the middle of the room there is a box of colored chalk. What will be written/drawn on the walls when I let you out? A view of a wonderful sunset. after all it's my favorite scenario!
10. When was the last time you changed the oil on your car? nah i don't do it! leave it to my brother hehehe
11. In your extended family, who has been married the longest? I think Lola Arceli and Lolo Puring
12. Name one thing that is so normal to you now that someone who was your age 50 years ago would think was abnormal. early wedding preps
13. Have you ever wanted someone or something so bad that it hurt? yes, before!
14. What do you dip your french fries in? Mayonaise
15. What was the last picture that you took? My niece pictures because she's so cute and adorabel. our princess Cye!

Meme's Lane 1: I'm back with my friday Fill-ins

1. Give me _the LOTTO Jackpot____ and I'll _save some and spend some. hehehe____.

2. Whenever __I saw a lipbalm i remember Vayie___.

3. I wish _I can have the grand vacation that I want____.

4. __Sbarro's Chicke and vegetables pizza___ was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious.

5. To live in this world _is a wonderful experience____.

6. Other than this one, __vayie's blog___ is the last blog I commented on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __sleep early___, tomorrow my plans include __gong to church___ and Sunday, I want to __update my wedding organizer___!

Khim's Thoughts 11: It's my REST DAY AGAIN! yipee

It's Friday and it's my rest day. yipee...It's been a long and tiring week for me. I started the week by attending the Weddings and Debut 2009 Bridal fair with Jen. I had great time with her during the fair. wheeew...

I decided to open another account that will be for our wedding kwentos. hehehe. So that I can just maintain this site for my everyday taboos. Mas organize kasi pag naka separate yung mga details for my wedding preps kasi it can be a help for the other brides din. Baka may kapareho ako ng theme or color motiff di ba. Makikita niya dun hindi halo halo. Kaya ito personal na personal ala muna wedding topics dito hehehe. Well our wedsite ciempre maintain pa din. Pero yung wedsite is just the final output un na ung formal na formal eh, yung mga kwentos behind the preps nasa isang blog ko.

Anyways, I'm planning to have a book review here every month. I tried to balance naman na isang fiction at 1 non fiction a month. Mas mahilig kasi ako sa non fiction books. pero i found reading non fiction books fun. I just bought a new book last friday and as soon na matapos ko un I'll be posting the review dito. Starting on Sunday I'll be posting a new entry called "MY DAILY DEVOTiON". It's my personal reflection about dun sa devotional na babasahin ko everyday. I just bought a devotional book last friday and It will be a good idea to share it here to inspire others. Watch out for that. For now I'll just post my memes for the week.

I'll be back on Sunday! Have a great weekend

Monday, February 16, 2009

Khim's Thougths 10: Divisoria Tour

Posted On: December 12, 2008

Last Tuesday (December 9,2008) Roj and I together with my cousin and sister went to Divisoria to check on some items na pede namin ipangregalo sa pasko. Since Roj will be going home sa Isabela ng Wednesday yun lang ang time namin mamili. Grabe umalis kami ng haus ng around 3PM nakauwi kami almost 9pm na. Super di pa namin nabili ang gusto namin bilhin ha kasi super daming tao talaga.

Pag matyaga ka maghanap makakakita ka pero if hindi ka sanay makipagsiksiakan wag ka na lang pumunta dito. Swear!!! pawis talaga ang tatagaktak sau!

Naghanap ako ng printed na paranag tokong shorts don't really know if un ang tawag dun and nakahanap naman ako ng kasya sa akin. super ganda ng nakuha ko kasi di sya common na design eh and the best part of it, Si roj ang nagbayad hehehe. Oppsss... di ko sinabi na bayaran niya kayo naman, nung babayaran ko na sya bigla niya inabot pera sa tindera yung tindera kinuha eh. kaya ayun bayad na sya hehehe. Super bonding time namin ni Roj ung pamimili ng gamit kahit san pa yan sa mall sa tiangge or sa Divisoria kasi naman enjoy na enjoy kami dun eh. Lalo na pag nakakakita sya ng bagay sa akin bilhin niya agad ng di ko alam. Ganun kasi ako pag nakakita ako ng alam kong bagay at gusto niya bilhin ko agad tapos pagbalik niya iabot ko na sa kanya. hehehe.

ala naman kami masyado binili that time kasi naman sinamahan lang namin pinsan ko mag buy ng kelangan nya. Pero sobrang siksikan talaga. super dami mo makita na mabibili. sa 2000 ng pinsan ko nacomplete nya ung mga gifts na ibibigay niya sa mga friends and family namin. grabe around 40 person din kaya. galing kasi namin tumawad tapos nabili niya pa mga 3 for 100 ganun or 4 for 100. hehehe. super maganda naman nabili niya. Balik ako sa Divisoria sa 16th hehehe. sana lang di ganun katao nun.

Shopping Mania 1: 1st week of December 2008

Posted On: December 12, 2008

I'm back!!!Yup, alive and kicking. December na!!!! Yipeeeee!!!!! Every year super inaabangan yan ng mga kids sa amin and syempre ng mga "kids at heart" like me!!!!hehehe. The first 2 weeks of December was a busy week for me. Hay grabe! Simulan na natin ang kwentuhan kasi mahaba haba pa ito.

December 1, 2008

Hay naku ala akong double pay nito. kasi naman sabi nila since on training kami ala daw kami pasok ng holiday. Fine!!! eh di ala. Ginawa ko nag slip talaga ako ng super haba sa haus tapos nagluto ako ng CHICKEN ALA KING! Practice muna ako before ko siya lutuin sa Christmas Day!!! My relatives requested kasi na magluto daw ulit ako nun, so before ko sya ulit lutuin sa Christmas dapat ma perfect ko yung luto ko. hehehe. Last time kasi na nagluto ako nito medjo malambot masyado ang crust pero they enjoyed eating it namn eh. ala naman nagreklamo sa haus nung kinain nila un luto ko. Its either nasarapan sila or gutom lang talaga sila kaya ala silang choice kundi kainin un hehehe.

December 2, 2008

Hay ala pa kaming access sa Talisma noh, pero di ako nainis hehehe, natuwa pa nga ako kasi ayaw ko pa talaga magchat eh. nag side by side lang kami sa mga tenured agents. Si Ariam and Mark ung andun pero kami ni Tinky kay ariam nag side by side. Ok naman ang mga agents ng chat queue na naaabutan namin sa morning, friendly naman sila ang willing magshare ng knowledge nila.

Nagchat na ako ng araw na ito. Pero i used Mitch access in order to chat. I handled a known good issue and I had the chance to experience to navigate the talisma tool. Seems na naloka ako. Mega panick ako talaga.hehehe.kasi sa verification pa lang namin nataranta na talaga ako. As in alam ko naman un pag alang chat ah tapos ganun pala un pag andun ka na super matataranta ka.

After the shift, sumabay ako kay vayie and super nagustuhan ko ung route niya kasi naman ala traffic and fx pa sinakyan namin. Well, seems na may idadagdag ako sa route to TCC ah. Dumaan ako sa RCBC para tignan ung perfume bazaar. super tumbling ako sa mga discounts as in. I asked the saleslady if meron ung mga scents na gusto ko, luckily meron naman Bvlgari Omnia and it only cost Php 2300 as in super natuwa ako. The last time I purchased Bvlgari sa mall it was around Php 3,600. I even saw Burberry touch na may kasama ng showr gel and body lotion and it only cost 2000. Grabe di ba? yung burberry touch alone sa mall around 3000 yun. so yung andun may kasama ng shower gel and lotion , WOW na WOW, super savings na di ba. I asked the lady if hanggang kelan sila sabi niya until December 5, 2008 lang daw then sa December 15 baka daw bumalik sila pero di pa sure. Nung time na yun inisip ko agad ang 13th month pay ko. hahahaha. mag buy ako ng perfume sa 13th month pay ko.

Dumaan ako sa Starbucks RCBC para naman i-treat ang sarili ko. I had toffee mocha nila (sorry not sure if un nga) basta ung Christmas blends nila un na may mocha hehehe and yung hazelnut slice ba yun. I was satisfied dun sa toffee mocha drink because I had it hot pero ung hazelnut slice di ko nagustuhan masyado. I'll try to post it sa food and travel blog ko one of these days so you can have an idea bat di ako satisfied sa hazelnut loaf nila.

It's been a long day and as soon as i got home, nag shower ako with my relaxing "Avea" bodywash. super relax na relax talaga ako after ko mag shower. hehehe. super tried and tested ko na yang body wash na yan. pag pagod na pagod ako yan ginagamit. hmmmmm....share ko na lang dito yung collection ko ng mga body wash, mga ginagamit ko and yung mga favorite brands ko and kung bakit ko sila favorite. naku mahabang habang blog entry yun. hehehe. I’ll try to make an extra entry for my body wash collections siguro next year na hehehe. sa Januray pede ba?haha. joke lang basta may time ako.

December 3, 2008

Hay, I tried to update my macros and super binasa ko ko ung mga response sa Chat loader. After the shift, sabay ulit ako uwi kay Vayie and daan na naman ako RCBC this time dumaan ako sa Delifrance. Hehehehe. I want to try their Chicken Parmigiana Platter kasi nakita ko yan bago ako pumunta sa perfume bazaar natakam ako eh. kaya binalikan ko sya. Saka inavail ko na ung Chocolate almond biscotti nila that they’re giving away for free. Sa almond biscotti nila na satisfied ako sa Chicken Parmigiana platter naku super disappointed ako dun. I'll post another entry sa food and travel blog namin, next week malaman niyo kung bakit.

Pagdating sa house, I started updating my Christmas shopping list for my friends and family. Ciempre may mga idinagdag ako ngayon and natuwa pa ako kasi naman it means na I’ve gained a lot of friends this year and might as well include them sa gift list ko. Sana may 13th month pay na so I can go shopping na. hehehehe.

December 4, 2008

Hay nagchat na talaga kami. Super taranta pa din ako. But I can say na makakasanayan ko din yan. Ala namang di napapag aralan di ba? Medjo windang ako sa ibang issue but yung iba naman kaya ko na ng konti. Hay, eto na talaga next week we’re going "Live" sana mawala ang kaba ko. kasi pag nagstart na ako ng chat seryoso talaga eh. Hehehehe. Namiss ko tuloy yung emails pero sige na nga move on na nga ako. Hehehe.

I tried ulit dumaan sa Delifrance in order naman to check on their Norwegian Salmon Pasta meal. Pinagbigyan ko ng chance ang Delifrance baka magustuhan ko na toh. Hahahaha. At this time super napa two thumbs up ako dito sa meal na toh. yummmyyyy as in super yummmmyyyy...sulit ang Php 280 ko. As in complete meal un ha. They serve it with orange juice na orange na orange talaga ung parang sa mga hotels na fresh orange juice (ang laki pa ng glass nila). Don't worry may pixs ako nyan, upload ko next week. May kasama ding garlic bread na super sarap at cheese roll na ultimate dessert ko. Hay sarap. Next week ko din post ang review about dito. promise next week concentrate ako sa mga food ratings ko. hehehe.

Isang magandang nangyari ngayong araw, may 13th month pay na kami. Yipeee. So I went to the perfume bazaar ulit to buy on Bvlgari Omnia, yipeee nabili ko na sya. So dami ko na perfume sa cabinet hehehe. Yung iba naman dun pag di ko nagagamit pinangreregalo ko. Like last mother’s day ala ako money kaya mega pumili ako dun sa mga pabango ko na di ko pa nabubuksan para iregalo kay nanay. Nakasave pa din ako in a way di ba. nakuha ko sya ng discounted price then pag ala ako pang regalo yun nireregalo ko. Same with my body wash saka mga lotion. Since effective naman un and alam ko magugustuhan ng pagbibigyan ko pag ala ako maisip na ireregalo, bubuksan ko lang cabinet ko and ayun dun ako mamimili ng ireregalo hehehe. I had this habit kasi na pag sale bili ako kahit di ko pa sya gagamitin then itatago ko sya sa cabinet ko. then if ala ako time magpunta mall and may bday or mga events ako na- aatenand dun na ako kumukuha ng gift sa cabinet ko. In a way di ako mag rush sa mall then nabili ko ung items on ale di ba. Last year un ang ginawa ko January pa lang basta may sale namimili ako then nung nag Christmas konti na lang binili ko. Mas nakakasave ako ng ganun. This year din ganun ginawa ko, nag ipon na ako pakonti konti, basta may sale at nakita ako maganda binibili ko na pero syempre pag may extra budget lang ako. Then ngayong Christmas konti na lang ipamimili ko ng regalo. Yung listahan ko ung mga bagong friends ko and yung mga relatives ko na ala pa ako nabili na regalo.

I texted vayie and Jen right away, then nagreply si Vayie na she’s about to text me na meron na ng dawn a 13th mont pay. Maagang pa-bday kay Vayie yun. Si jen naman nagreply sabi niya nagsunog nadaw ako pera hehehe. Sabi ko naman un lang ang regalo ko a sarili ko. yung ibang natira sa family ko na un. Defensive pa ako noh. Hehehe. Cge na nga di lang perfume regalo ko sa self ko pati isang jeans, blouse saka sandals cge saka mga make-ups na bilhin ko kay Jen C. oh ayan pag nabili ko na yun sa family ko na talaga lahat tira promise. Hehehe.

December 5, 2008

Absent si Vayie nakamiss din naman sya. Kasi tom di ako pasok eh then sa Sunday naman din a kami magkasabay ng shift kasi pang AM sya eh. Kami naman ni Jen pang nyt kami.

Nagkita kami ng friend ko si Jen C. at syempre bumili ako ng make-up sa kanya. Yup puro Christian Dior brand ang dala niya this time. Bonggang bongga discount ang nakuha ko sa kanya. Nagpurchase ako ng 1 make up set then 1 Dior na eyeshadow set, then 2 Dior na lipgloss na may shimmer effect, 1 Dior addict na lipstick, 1 Estee Lauder na lipgloss ulit then 1,100 lang lahat yan. Yup you heard it right! super laki ng nasave ko di ba 6 item na puro naman authentic tapos 1,100 lang. Baka magtanung kayo bakit mura, yung tita kasi ng husband ni Jen C. nag work sa Duty Free Guam then lagi nagpapdala ng make-up sa kanya. Eh di naman ginagamit ni Jen C lahat di ba so binebenta na niya. Jen C. gave me an extra Dior addict na lipstick for free pa xmas daw niya sa akin. Yehey!!!! I'll try to post the pixs next week, im planning to make an entry kasi kung san napunta 13th month pay ko. hehehe!!!mahaba habang listahan toh.

Hay “LIVE” na kami starting Sunday!!! This is it na talaga! Eto na ang mundong aming tatahakin. I’ll try to be positive about it and sabi ko naman dib a I’ll do everything to be good dun sa lilipatan naming na queue. One good thing naman ngayong araw si Roj punta sya dito Manila. Dalawin niya ako. Hay namiss ko din yun. Hmmmmm…..san kaya kami mag date? Hehehe.

December 6, 2008

Absent ako. Sabbath day kasi eh. Alam niyo naman ako basta Sabbath naku church at bahay lang ako. Start yan ng Friday night – Saturday night. Saturday naman after sunset pede na ulit kami magwork basta Friday night tapos buong umaga ng Saturday di pede. I’ll try to post na talaga an entry araw araw na talaga promise!!! Yung iba kasi nakakalimutan ko na eh hehehe.

Khim's Thoughts 9: NESTING NA!!!

Posted On: November 28, 2008

It's our last day here at EBP plaza as we're about to go on nesting next week. Starting Monday we'll be going to report at TCC again. I can say that I enjoyed the last 2 days of my training a lot. Yesterday our trainors started to show us the actual or live chat. I was really excited about their workflow. Kasi naman nung day 1- 6 namin puro sila terminology and notes na sometimes sumasakit na ang ulo ko dahil information overload. Nung day 1-3 namin paulit ulit talaga kami so talagang sino naman hindi sasakit ang ulo di ba. hehehe. But after that I really listen and pay attention sa mga discussions namin kasi I know I will benefit a lot if makinig ako. Then I always ask question pag nalilito ako. Sabi ko nga I'll do ggod sa bagong queue ko so dapat nesting pa lang I can be able to determine my areas of improvement so that when I go on live I know the things na i-pri-prioritize ko.

Honestly at first, afraid talaga ako. Kasi I had a lot of worries and what if's. What if kung mahirap, what if hindi ko maabot ang stats, what if sumuko ako but nakita ko kung paano mag chat si "IWAD" and "GREG" medjo nakahinga ako. Sabi ko mukhang kaya ko naman pala. Self confidence and product knowledge lang talaga.

Kasi minsan kahit alam ko magtatanung ako to be sure. So I guess self confidence pa lang di ba dapat I work out ko na un. I'm super excited na pumasok ulit sa TCC, kasi yung mga friends ko na andun makikita ko na. Then excited din ako mapunta sa new queue.

I good thing about sa nesting namin, it from 7:00 am-4:00pm...yipee....That's the working sked that I really wanted. The "bwisit" thing about it is that I had a work on Saturday, its Sabbath day kaya noh. I'll ask pastor if that's pede since I'm on nesting pa naman and never pa naman ako nag work ng Saturday this week lang ata.

I really have to face this new challenge to perform better in my new queue. Like what I've said before, I'll show them what I got. It's not easy to pull a good agent down!!! (naks)

So by Tuesday, I'll let you know kung anung mga struggles ko on my first day and can't wait to go live!!! ATO CHAT here I come.

Khim's Thoughts 8: happy weekend!

Posted On: November 21, 2008

Finally its my Rest Day tom, after a long and "super kagigil" week I can say that I'm back to normal. Nothing really special about our training as I already know the things that we just discussed.huh. (yabang mode..hehehe).

Although may mga new things din ako na tutunan pero mas madami pa din yung alam ko hehehe. Pero I really enjoyed the day kasi daming time magbrowse hehehe and ciempre mag blog. Vayie taught me kanina some details about the blog and di ko magawa. kainis!!! May tinuro din sya kay Jen and I'm pretty sure that matututunan ko din yun.

One of our trainor told us that ala na daw slot na pang gabi sa CHAT!!! yipeeeeeeee, it means that we''ll be on the morning shift, buti naman may good news na ngayon after ng mga bad news na nasagap namin at the beginning of the week.

Hay, i want to go home na. tagal pa mag 9:30 pa lang eh until 11 pm pa kami dito. di bale busy busyhan muna ako.

Be back on monday!!! Happy Sabbath and Have a great weekend!!

Khim's Thoughts 7: On The Phrase "BE POSITIVE"

Posted On: November 18, 2008

Just this evening tetay and I are exchanging text messages and I'm really blessed to have her and the rest of the morning girls kasi mas na inspire ako lalo to move on. I had vayie on the phone an hour ago and I eventually tell her the whole story about my conversation with "DABI".

To tell you honestly I have no regrets about dun a words na binitawan ko sa kanya. She deserves it. I'm not bitter or what I just know that yung ginawa niya sa amin eh it's not fair and I know myself well. This wil be my last blog about them. I already told vayie and tetay about our conversation. I'm already through with them. For me they're nothing!!!They are such a bunch of "BULLSHIT" na kakalat kalat. Dapat matakot sila kasi baka madaanan ko sila and di ko maisip na may worth sila "BAKA MAITAPON KO SILA". hahaha. very strong words pero totoo. For those who know me, you know that I've been very patient sa lahat ng bagay. To the point na di ako basta basta nagsasalita or I just ignored the things na kahit inis na inis na ako. But kagabi sobrang nanginginig ako sa galit but I tried to maintain my composure up to the very last minute na magkausap kami. To tell you honestly, super talagang naiiyak ako di dahil ayokong lumipat pero just because pigil na pigil ko na ung emotions ko. Na kung may hawak lang ako na kung anung bagay baka naibato ko sa kanilang dalawa un. Never ako nagalait kaya ung mga tao na nakita sa akin nabigla kasi kagabi lang nila ako nakita na ganun. Lahat ng masasakit na words sinabi ko kagabi because I can't find any nice or good words na sabihin about her. Ayoko patulan pa sya or anu pa man kasi inisip ko I don't want to go down to her level na ganun. Super na gagawa ng paraan to the point na mamersonal na di ba. I'm not trained that way, may pinag aralan akong tao and I know di gawain un nang mga may pinag aralan.

Sa wakas kanina paggising ko OK na ako. I'm ok kasi I know that I can do better than them. For me they are such a bunch of "SHIT" na alang karapatan na tawaging "SUPS"!!! Honestly kahit yung team lead na title "IT WILL NOT FIT HER" kai she don't even know have to handle a team. Kasi kung kaya niya di mangyayari toh!!!hehehe

After my conversation with Vayie, I'm ok na. I want to be positive at all. After all It's a big releif that I'm not under her bucket anymore. Sa totoo lang madalas ko marinig sa mga sups ung "AGENTS NA NAGPAPASAKIT NG ULO" pero ngayon lang ako nakarinig ng "SUP NA NAGPAPASAKIT SA ULO NG MGA AGENTS". kaya siguro ako nagka mingraine eh. hahaha.

As I move to a new queue and new team I'm vey confident enough that I can be able to handle it well. I can do better and I'll do better. Who knows this might be the new start of a new career.LOL.

To the rest of the team it's been a pleasure knowing you all. I enjoyed my stay and I'll always be thankful for the friendship that you've offer.

@tetay- thank you so much for the kind words sa text messages mo. I'll always be inspired by those words. You're one nice woman na super gustong gusto ko. I know maninibago ka kasi ala ka na kasama pero don't worry sabi mo nga pag lumipat ka, dun ka sa "TEAM KO". ahahahahahaha.

@Febe- you've always so nice to me. salamat sa lahat lahat!!! yaan mo pag dumalaw ako jan kaw lagi ko pupuntahan. kagabi nung nilapitan mo ako nung mag lulunch na super na touched ako dun. I know di ka plastic and you're very sincere about it. isa ka pala sa mga disipulo hahaha.

@Alex- kahit inaasar mo ako lagi. Mamiss ko un.hahaha. di kumpleto ang gabi ko pag ala pang aasar mo....hinay hinay sa pagkakape ha....

@Dustin- naku eto sa lahat ng lalaki na nakilala ko sya pinaka prangka. Mamiss ko mga green jokes mo. eto kasi pag nagsalita iba kasi maiisip mo eh. hehehehe. Nice to know you talaga bro! super maprinsipyo din tong tao na toh eh.

@Tin- eto lukaret toh eh hehehe. mamiss ko mga hirit nya kay kuya homer. saka mga outfit niya kasi naman liit ng bewang nyan. natutuwa ako pag dumadating sya kasi super sexy eh.hehehe.prangka din toh eh bagay sila ni dustin magsam. at pag nasa harap ka nila ikaw ang ma-out of place sa kanilang dalawa hehehe.

@Kuya Homer- mamiss kita!!!oh magpakabait ka jan baka maya ipadala ka sa nigeria nyan hahaha.

@Cacai- mamiss din kita ..tama sabi mo masaya na nakawala sa bucket nya.yahoooooooo......

@Vayie and Jen- Let's Go GIRLs!!!!Let's show them what "WE" got. Mas magaling tayo sa kanila......Today We begin a new journey and I know that the journey will be one hell of an exciting ride!!!I'm very thankful dahil makakasama ko kau a journey na ito, malay mo sumunod sila mainggit. hahaha.


Khim's Thoughts 5: terrible headache

Posted On: November 12, 2008

Its been 2 days since i posted my last blog and I really miss posting one. Yikes, seems like im becoming a blog addict!!!hehe. Last monday I wasn't able to post a blog as im currently working on my MACROS for the ATO templates. Yesterday I renderred an SL as I have migraine and I don't want to experience it again. Imagine as early as 7:00 AM after eating my bowl of oatmeal naramdaman ko na kumikirot sa may side ng ulo ko and until night na yun kumirot ng kumirot. I decided to drink a pain reliver and put myself to sleep as I thought that the pain will go the moment I wake up.

But after 6 hours, Ganun pa din and naging worst pa sya. I vommitted a lot!!! After 30 mins I immediately consulted a Doctor Dominic S. Dela Cruz and He told me that I had to take a supplement for my nerves (yung nerves connecting sa brain). Initial reaction was "Doc, di naman ako psycho di ba? Di ba para sa baliw yang Vita?". He smiled and laugh, "Of course not! We're did you got that Idea". I answered back "Sabi niyo kasi sa brain eh. Alam ko makulit ako at pasaway minsan pero di naman siguro symptoms yun ng pagiging baliw." He laughed aloud and told me that I just needed to take the vitamins kasi daw pag sumasakit ng ganun and di nag eepekto yung pain reliver thatt means that ng co-contract yung mga nerves di sila nagiging stable kasi daw pag nagpatuloy yun baka daw mag karoon ng damage and mas maging serious ang problema. He even told me that a lot of people don't pay too much attenton on this details. He even told me that studies show that out of 10 person that had experience headache only 1-2 person takes Vita B complex. Yung 9-8 na di nagtatake ng Vita B complex it turns out na pag tumanda sila and nagkaroon ng stroke ung unag pumuputok yung mga ugat nila sa ulo kasi weak daw yung mga ugat saka nerves na andun. Wow, I never knew that. I mean ako pag sumakit ang ulo ko, eh di sumakit no big deal!!! I don't know na-explained ko ng maayos but atleast you all have an idea. So the next time that you had a headache and it don't disappered within 6 hours better take lot of water, rest a lot and start taking Vita B Complex. Its not too late to take Vita B complex!!! He even advise me to have an eye check up kasi daw isa sa mga rason din un.

Bait ni Doc and I found him really cute!!!oopppsssss, just hope that Roj is busy right now para di niya mabasa to.LOL. di ko lang makalimutan ung reaction niya super tawa kasi tapos my dimples pa sya na malalim eh. hmmmmm....I guess its not really bad na i had experienced that yesterday kasi......I learned a lot about Vita B Complex .. : - )

Khim's Thoughts 6: Bad News

Posted On: November 17, 2008

I received a text message from Tetay this morning informing me that 8 people from our team will be transferred to ATO-CHAT and beleive me, it was not a good news for me or for the rest of the team. I've been with ATO-APPEALS for about a years now and I can say that I really enjoy the queue. Most of the time I'm in queue empty and I will only render 1-2 hours of production or even less so in a week it's only 5-6 hours maximum. I have maintain a good stats out of this queue and it never crossed my mind that I'll be transfer to another team as I'm really doing well.

At exactly 7:10 PM, our supervisor advised us to punch in to "MEETINGS/EVENTS". I knew they're going to announce the names that will be transferred. As they explain the criteria di man lang pumasok sa isip ko na ako un. Sabi nila ung iba daw they are trained na sa chat. Then secondly ung trained daw sa "AGENT DESKTOP" di daw isasama. I knew it!!! Nagbibiruan pa naman kami na "YUNG MGA FOLLOWERS NIYA" di niya ibibigay. The five names from the investigation team was finally announced and I'm just waiting for the names na galing sa ATO and ATO APPEALS. She finally revealed that 2 agents from the ATO REACTIVE will be transferred, syempre di na pede ang pang gabi saka si Tin and Dustin di ba kasi trained sila sa "Agents Desktop". so i knew it will just be between vayie, tetay and Jen. Then finally sinabi na niya from "ATO APPEALS" we're transferring "KHIM". Talagang naiyak ako nang sobra, I felt that its not just fair. No words can make me feel ok nung time na un. She even asked me na usap kami then talagang umiling ako. But then since nagtransfer siya sa kabilang room ala na akong magawa kundi makipag usap sa kanya. I was very honest and I told her that I've been hearing na news na she's going to transfer me because she doesn't like me at all. Syempre she deny it. I told her that I really feel bad about that. Nag explain naman sya kung bakit ako at hindi ang si precy or kuya homer ang itra-transfer. but at the back of my mind I just knew it. There's a hidden agenda behind it.

Hello, di ako pinanganak kahapon para di ko maramdaman ang dahilan. Is it just coincidence na ako ang ililipat niya after nung pagpapalitan namin ng emails for my QA? Is it really coincidence na she's going to transfer me after the NTE incident? Is it really coincidence lang ba?

Well ala naman ako magagawa about dun. Sabi ko sa kanya nga pana panahon lang. maaring ngayon nagawa niya ang gusto niya na maalis ako sa team or malipat or whatever you call it. Pero may karma sabi ko sa kanya dadating din yung time na yung gusto naman niya ang di pede at baka dun matauhan sya. Di ako plastic, im just venting out kasi naman. anu pa ba iisipin ko sa ngayon. I really enkoyed a lot sa team at sa queue. Buti na din cguro na malipat at least pinaka maganda yung ala na ako sa kanya. Sana lang yung malipatan ko na sup eh mas ok and di "TH". Imagine bukas training ko n. ang bilis anu? so parang palnado talaga! I'll post na lang tommorrow yung mangyayari and hopefully maging ok na ako.

I just hate this change for now.......I just hope magustuhan ko yung change na to pagdating ng panahon...

Our Wedding Diary 1: Grand Bridal Shower 2008

Posted On: November 9, 2008

I texted my supervisor if I can had my time adjusted sa sked kasi its raining cats and dogs in Tagaytay and I might come in late since I had a hard time looking for a ride to Balibago. She texted back and told me na di na daw pede ang ganung set-up...What's new? I was expecting dat naman eh. But upon reaching South Super Hiway the rain stop pouring and It only took me less than 30 mins to reach makati. Since it's too early pa i drop by at 1 Esplanade and check the Grand Bridal Shower event that was organized by Loi Villarama. I had so much fun. The food was great as in...yummmmmy...yummmmyyy. yummmyyy.... I had a loot bags full of freebies and I was able to meet a lot of w@wies from the event.

The main feature of the night as the 12 calendar boys that will be parading on the ramp!! I had the chance to vote Mr. December sa entrance pa lang. He had such a great body and a super hot and daring pose sa pixs niya...... hehehehe.... One more good thign about the event no boys allowed kasi nga bridal shower nga eh ang boys lang yung mga 12 calendar boys!!!! Next year i'll be planning to invite vayie, jen and cacai no matter what happens...sama si tetay if pede cia...i know they'll enjoy... i forgot to include tin.... too bad i had to leave early kasi nga i have work but i enjoyed naman even if saglit lang ako dun.

Next year naku I promise andun pa din ako..hahahaha... this is one of the event during may preps that I enjoyed (so far....hehehehe)....first time nila mag conceptualize ng ganitong event this year and since it's a success next year meron daw ulit..yipeeeee....looking forward to join this event ulit next year. I'll try to post the pixs sa website namin within this week try to view na lang...

My Latest Purchase 1: Masigasig Magazine

Posted On: Novemerb 8, 2008

Yesterday morning I went to Boni to pick up the tickets for the Grand Bridal Fair this coming Sunday, As what I've mention in my last post too bad I can't go. I just have to give the tickets to my fellow w@wies for them to enjoy.

After getting the tickets I headed to SM Megamall to take an FX, naisip ko kasi traffic na that time if I'm going to take the GUADALUPE-HERAN-TAFT route. Sa likod kasi ng SM Megamall may mga FX going to QUIAPO and dadaan un a Legarda. When I was about to exit the mall dun sa may supermarket right side, I saw a stand ng mga back issues of magazines. At first i tried to look for a bridal magazine kasi 150 for 2 magazines, normally bridal magzine kasi na current issue is 200 up ang price per mag eh. Kahit na back issues pa yun I know I can get something from it.But I changed my mind once I saw the ENTREPENUER magazine.

Kasi I want to start na my own business. Pero iba pa din if may napapagkunan ka evry month na money eh. Sabi ko right now we're still saving for our wedding so baka after na ng wedding namin kami mag business. May savings kami na seperate, yun di namin gagalawin para after the wedding may money kami.

Nag decide lang naman ako mag business kasi mas maganda talaga yung ikaw mismo ang tinatawag na boss. Kasi may mga tao kasi na sobrang sensitive nila pero pagdating sa iba eh insensitive sila. Hay, sorry ha, I know I'm not perfect pero ako naman kasi If I did something wrong di ako namemersonal ng tao at pag nagkamali talaga ako hindi ako hirap humingi ng sorry.

Yesterday din kasi nalaman ko na may galit pala sa akin ang taong ito (from our office). Thank God nalaman ko un para atleast ngayon mag ingat ako sa kanya. TAMANG HINALA kasi!!! Naging pasensyosa ako sa kanya at mga hirit niya as in pero pag nagkwekwento sya sa ibang tao as if may kasalanan ako na malaki sa kanya. HELLO!!!!tapos buti sana kung yung kinukwento niya is buong buo, eh ang kaso hindi naman. Yung kinuwento niya ung hinala ung tipong ako ang super nang api sa kanya. Pede ba pakibaba ang kilay ko...grrrrr..... Tapos pinabasa ko ang exchange ng emails namin kahapon kay T** at C** ayun sabi ni "T**" sabi ko na nga ba half empty eh. atleast alam nila ngayon. Bakit may mga ganitong tao. hay di bale pagtyagaan na, cguro ganun lang talaga sya.

Basta ako mag business ako ! as early as now simulan na namin planuhin ni Roj yun. May plano na kami sa isang business namin next year simulan un. Pero syempre iba pa din pag prepare ka di ba. I learned a lot of things sa magazine I'm almost done reading yung isa. Hopefully pag nag start na kami ng busniess namin magamit ko yung mga natutunan ko dito.
I'll give you an update sa business namin next year layo pa noh..pero I'll post them here din. Promise!!!

Khim's Thoughts 4: Finally Its my REST DAY!

Posted On: November 6, 2008

Yipee!!! 10 mins to go and I'll punch out from work. Then It's my REST DAY na!!! Wow bilis ng oras kasi naka 3 blog ako tonight. hahaha. maybe im just bored here.

For today, as early as 9AM i have to go with my cousin sa school nila kasi ako guardian niya eh. Then I'll go directly to BOni to pick the tickets for the Grand Bridal Fair this coming Sunday. Too bad i can't go kasi I had work but I'm going to give the tickets to my fellow w@wies for them to enjoy the event. Then after lunch I have to do my laundry and clean the house. Then i have to wait for sunset to welcome "SABBATH". Happy weekend evryone!!!

Sing a Song 1: I Can't Smile Without yOU!

Posted On: November 6, 2008

I really like this song. The melody is light and the lyrics has a lot of meaning. I remember kasi my fiancee eh. Since nung una ko narinig yung song super kinakanta ko na sya lagi. I even texted the lyrics to my fiancee and it make him smile daw. I might be adding this song sa list ng wedding songs namin. I'll have to download an mp3 nito then i'll load it sa wedsite namin.hmmmm...

I remember eveytime na nagsusumbong ako sa kanya, pag naririnig niya na nag crack yung voice ko and He feels na I'm really down and sad he always find ways to make me smile. And he never failed to make me smile. Pag sinasabi ko sa kanya na feeling ko mag isa lang ako Lagi niya ako tinetext ng "Wag ka na malungkot,Kampi tayo lagi di ba". Those words alone pa lang napapa smile na nga niya ako eh.

I just miss him. It's been 4 days since He left. Yup, umuwi na ulit sya sa Isabela. I headed home last tuesday at exactly 4am, sa taxi pa lang medjo nalulungkot na ako eh kasi i know iyakan blues na naman yun pagdating sa terminal. Ayaw niya kasi ako makita umiiyak evrytime uuwi sya kasi nalulungkot din sya. Kaya I tried to condition myself not to cry. Nung malapit na ako sa haus i called him thru his cellphone and advised him na bumaba na sya ng building para daanan ko na lang sya and derecho na kami sa terminal ng Florida.

sa taxi pagsakay niya dun pa lang naluluha na ako, then talagang mega pigil ako. He asked me kung musta ang work, i answered back "Ok lang". I know he would just want to divert my attention para di ako maiiyak. Pagdating sa terminal di muna agad sya umalis, the bus was scheduled to leave at 5:00 am but since the driver is not yet around He stay with me at the waiting area. I just hug him and whisper na mag ingat sya then i just gave a good bye kiss and said our "I love you's". He suddenly asked me "Bat ka umiiyak? Buhay pa naman ako ah!" with a joking tone! pinigilan ko na talaga i just told him that Im sleepy!!! after 5 mins if was time for Him to leave, He kissed me again and just waited for him to find his seat on the bus and I headed my way back home. Yun umiyak talaga ako nun. kakalungkot kasi eh. Naalala ko kasi sya yung nag preprepare ng baon ko for work. Sya pa yung nag cook ng breakfast ko and to the point na pati isusuot ko sya nagpla plantsa. Then Ihahatid niya ako sa sakayan. Pag naglalaba ako tinutulungan niya ako to the point na sya na nga mag isa nag laba eh kasi ayaw niya ako mapagod ng husto. Tapos pag nagpunta pa kami ng market lahat ng gusto ko talagang bibilhin niya. Pag uwi ko from work, He'll text me na "FOOD IS READY" tapos pagdating ko sa haus may nakatimpla na agad na juice para sa akin, panu naman ako di maiiyak di ba. He always visit me once in a while if He had time to take a leave from His work and lahat ng oras super sinusulit namin. Namamasyal kami lahat ng pagkwe-kwentuhan pinagkwe kwentuhan namin. Di naman kami araw araw magkasama kasi long distance ralationship kami pero distance is not an issue sa amin.

Hay, I just have to wait for December , Yes He's spending the Christmas with me and my family and I'm starting to count the days na nga eh.

Anyways, Here's the lyrics of the song, if you have an MP3 of this kindly share it with me.

I can't Smile Without You By: Barry Manilow

You know I can't smile without you.
I can't smile without you.
I cant' laugh and I can't walk,
finding it hard even to talk.
And I feel sad when you're sad.
I feel gland when your glad.
And you must know what I'm going through,
I just can't smile without you.

You came along just like a song
you brightened my days.
Who'd believe you were part of a dream
that always seemed light years away.

And you know I can't smile without you.
I can't smile without you.
And you must know what I'm going through,
I just can't smile without you.

Some people say
the happiness way
is something that hard to find.
Into the new, leaving the old behind me.

And I feel sad when you're sad.
I feel glad when your glad.
And you must know what I'm going through,
I just can't smile without you.

(Instrumental Break)

Into the new, leaving the old behind me.
And I feel sad when you're sad.
I feel glad when your glad.
And you must know what I'm going through,
I just can't smile without you.

Khim's Thoughts 3: The Routes to TCC

Posted On: November 6, 2008

We moved here at our new building last October 20,2010 and I can say that I had a very hard time adjusting with the routes as the new location is noat accessible compared to our former building along Gil Puyat avenue in Makati. To tell you honestly, It took me week to decide which route to take in order to go here. Wheew! I had 4 options and I'll share it with you!!!


The first option is to ride an FX along Espana with the sign "BUENDIA" that will cost me around Php 25.00 and it will be a 20-30 mins ride from Morayta. Once I've reached Buendia, I had to take a jeepney that will take me to Guadalupe and that will cost around Php 15.00. This time the travel time will be between 25 mins- 30 mins (without traffic). Then upon reaching Guadalupe I had to take another jeepney ride this time with the sign GATE 3 or MARKET MARKET, or FTI, a 5- 10 mins ride with an Php 8.50 fare.

Pero dito sa route na toh, grabe parang nag join ako ng olympics. Why di I say so, Kasi I need to walked until dun sa end ng street para salubungin ang mga jeep para lang makasakay ako dahil punuan na. Then di pa dun natapos ang story, pag sinalubong ko nilalagpasan ako ng mga jeep, grabe then ang mangyayari I have to run after the jeepney while mga lalaking super lalaki ng katawan ang kasabay ko and FYI di uso ang mga gentleman nung time na yun kasi kahit mabangga nila ko they don't care. Awang awa ako sa sarili ko by that time. As in, kulang na lang tumilapon ako dahil nakikipag unahan sila sa akin, Imagine ha malaki na ako titilapon pa ganun katindi yung mga kasabay ko nun. Im not being OA, totoo yun. Pagdating ko sa office ang nasabi ko lang "I HATE THIS PLACE". hahaha. then nagtawanan na sila sa reaction ko. Little did I know that Tetay, Cai and Vayie has their own version. You can check on Vayie's super detailed version here.

At the end of our shift I joined Tetay pabalik ng Guadalupe and I told myself, "Atlast I'm going Home!". But my adventure for the day didn't end pa pala.On our way back to Guadalupe, Tetay and I had to hike para lang makarating sa tuktok ng burol!!!Grabe We didn't know na trapik pala dun sa route na dadaanan ng jeep kelangan namin bumaba ni Tetay and maglakad buti sana kung patag ang dadaanan namin kaya lang HIIIIIINNNNDDDDEEEEEEEEE!!!! pataas po sya. Imagine niyo naman ang taas, ang tarik tarik kaya nun kaya I almost feel na nangangatog ang tuhod ko by that time. It feels like I almost lost 10 lbs for that Hike!CHOS! Upon reaching Guadalupe, I bid Tetay good bye and I tried to looked for the jeepney terminal with the signboard "CARTIMAR OR LEVERIZA" in order to reach buendia-LRT. Buti naman nung time na yun I was a bit relaxed na kasi i didn't experience any difficulty sa pagsakay dahil terminal sya, nakapila kami ng ayos and nakaupo ako. Siguro naman dapat lang na maging ok na dahil umpisa pa lang ng araw stress na stress na ako noh ayoko na dagdagan. Upon unloading the jeep sa BUENDIA LRT station I had to take an FX para makauwi and pagdating ko sa bahay grabe I was so wasted na. I just took a shower, read a few chapter from my bible, do my beauty routine and I slept!!!

So for ROUTE 1 it will cost me Php 97.00/ day with 1-1.5 hr travel time. I tried this route on my first day and I was late for about 5-10 mins, sabi ko i'll try again sa day 2 baka naman may changes then if i didn't noticed any changes sa travelling time I have to try another route na talaga.


The second route is not a good idea!!!grrrr.... I had to ride a jeepney going to Pedro Gil for about 15 mins (maximum time na with traffic) this will cost me Php 8.50since its not that far from my point of origin. Upon reaching Pedro Gil I had to cross the street and proceed to the jeepney terminal with the "GUADALUPE ILALIM-SAN ADDRESS-BUKID-TAFT" sign. Well the fare is acceptable Php 15.00, but whats not acceptable is the travelling time!!! I swear, I'll never take this route again. Pano ba naman, umikot pa talaga kami sa buong San Andres Market and it took 40 mins of my travelling time before we could cross Osmena Hi-way!!!grr.... As I checked on the time it's only 6:05 AM so medjo nakahinga pa ako kasi this will be my first time to take this route eh. I thought after crossing Osmena Hi-way Ok na pero Mali pala ako. Super na stress ako dito grabe!!! It took us another 30 mins before we could reach Delpan, (Sa may Puregold toh) boundary pa lang yun ng Manila and Makati. Imagine 6:35AM na and nasa boundary pa lang ako. What can I do, andun na ako eh there's no other way para mapadali ang byahe ko. Upon reaching Guadalupe tulay ayun nakahinga na ko kasi nga asa tulay na ako...Pero after a split second super nataranta ako because as I checked on the time its already 7:10 AM, ciempre obvious ba late na ako noh! It took another 10 mins before I finally reached Gate 1, then nilakad ko pa sya hanggang TCC that will be 3-4 mins (maximum na yun, lapit lang naman eh). Ok na sana kasi may exercise ako di ba yung paglakad ko kaya lang late na nga eh di ba. Upon reaching my station naku it was already 7:25 AM.

Jen even asked me, "Anung nagyari sayo?" and I answered back "Ay naku nag experiment ako byahe papunta dito" and it's not a good idea. If you could only see kung anung hitsura ko that morning, grabe nawala na ang in..stress na stress ako umagang umaga pa lang.

So for Route 2 it will only cost me Php 47.00 a day kaya lang ang travelling time its almost 1.45 hours ata per day. Lesson for the day: Don't ever try this route again!!! ever again!!! NEVER talaga!!!


This time I decided to try the LRT AND MRT route. I really enjoyed it! Imagine I just had to take a jeepney ride in order to reach Central Station and that will be a 5 minutes ride from my place with a minimum fare of Php 8.50. Upon reaching LRT line 1, I had to buy a ticket for Php 15.oo and the train will take me to EDSA station. Upon reaching EDSA station I had to transfer to MRT line in order to reach Guadalupe Station that will be an additional Php 11.00. Upon unloading from Guadalupe station I had to ride a jeepney with the signboard GATE 3 in order to reach TCC and that will cost me an extra Php 8.50.

Pero sa pag uwi I took the GUADALUPE-TAFT BUKID route because its cheaper na pag pauwi eh. It will only cost me 15.oo then pagbaba sa taft 8.50 na lang for me to reach home.

For Route 3, it will only take me an hour to reach TCC and it will only cost me Php 66.5o. It's a Php 30.50 diference from Route 1 and more convenient from ROUTE 2. Might consider this route, I have one more route to try and I'll decide na!


Route 4 is a bit similar to ROUTE 2 the only diference is instead of riding the jeepney with the signboard "GUADALUPE ILALIM-BUKID-TAFT" I had to ride the jeepney with the signboard "GUADALUPE ILALIM-PACO-HERRAN-TAFT". Compare to Route 2 its faster because we dont have to drop by at San Andres na super traffic. I finally found the one (parang BF lang ang hinahanp eh noh. LOL). It will only took me 1 hour and 15 mins to reach TCC. The fare is just the same with Route 2. This is my lucky day! Imagine for this route it will be Php 19.00 off from Route 3 and pinaka convenient sa kanila lahat!!!Yipee!!!Yipee!!! di na ako ma stress talaga!!!

There you go, I told you 1 week is not enough pa nga pero I'm already done with experimenting ng route papunta dito sa TCC. You know what I learned from this experience PATIENCE is ALWAYS a virtue!!! Talagang dapat may "ALWAYS". hehehe

Khim's Thoughts 2:Missing the Morning Shift

Posted On: November 5, 2008

Last Friday I received a call from Cacai informing me that starting on November 2,2008 I would be reporting for work from 7pm- 4am and I was deeply saddened by that news. I was placed in the morning shift for more than 4 months and I can say that I really enjoyed it. Placing me in the night shift would be a challenge for now especially that our site was relocated at the Prestigious "The Fort" as what our HR department described.Cacai, even noticed that I'm about to cry, I'm not being OA, its just that I really want to be in the morning shift. Madami ako mamiss sa morning shift, maybe pag shinare ko sa inyo you'll be able to understand why i'll terribly miss my morning life.
1. I'll miss my complete 8 hour sleep sa nyt. Eversince I was transferred to the mornng shift I've been practicing to have a complete rest simply because I value my health and It's a part of my beauty regimen. Yes, heard that right I once read it in a book that It can help us to have a "magandang kutis" and It will help our system to function well. Believe me it works.
2. I'll miss the morning breeze. I really enjoyed commuting early in the morning as I feel the cool mist of the air around me. Feeling ko fresh na fresh ako to start my day. Technically I still got the chance to the morning breeze pero that will be after my shift pag uuwi na ako around 4:00 AM but still its a different thing pa din kasi di na talaga yung fresh na fresh yung feeling.
3. I'll miss the peaceful ambiance sa production floor. Pag night shift kasi ang daming tao dito sa floor. Imagine naman sa morning konti lang kami as in ala pang 1/4 ng production floor na-oocupy namin eh. Then pag nag kwe kwentuhan kami super maingay kami hahaha. Ok lang kasi naman kami kami lang ang tao. Isa pang ayaw ko sa night andito kasi si MR. BOMBO RADYO. Nakaka irita kasi ang boses niya ang ingay ingay niya eh. Swear pag narinig niyo sya mabwibwisit kayo. Yung tipong pag may ginagawa ka di ka makaka concentrate sa ginagawa mo dahil maiirita ka sa boses niya.
4. I'll miss my favorite shows. Monday- Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters (pero good thing lang pag Monday morning makakapanood ako ng Amazing Race Live hehehe) Wednesday- CSI: Crime Scene Investigations Thursday: Desperate Housewives Sunday: US Girls syempre yung telenovela na maganda ng Channel 2. Sorry sa akin lang naman, mas gusto ko kasi shows nila eh. sabi naman ni tetay at jen kukwentuhan nila ako. hehehe
5. I'll miss the picnic galore namin pag lunch time. kasi we have packed lunch eh so dami food imagine isang table kami lang andun then punong puno yun ng food. sarap nga kain namin eh. hay, sigh. pagnakita niyo pa kumain si Vayie talagang gaganahan kayo.hehehe.bilis kumain ni Vayie eh kaya ako napapabilis din tapos nararamdaman ko agad ang pagkabusog ko ganun pala un or baka sa akin lang.
6. Pero yung pinaka mami-miss ko ay yung mga taong kasama ko sa umaga. Doon talaga ako super nalungkot. I'll miss the morning girls saka yung morning boy. Morning boy kasi isa lang naman yun si Kuya homer lang hahaha.
@ vayie - I'll miss her "ATE" aura. First impression ko sa kanya is sulpada and tipong inisip ko na ayaw niya sa akin. Takot ako dito at first akala ko kasi di marunong ngumiti eh. But mali pala ako. She's so nice and ma fe-feel mo talaga yung concern niya through her words of wisdom. Naks. Vayie is the personified version of the phrase "WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET" She don't have any pretentions not even a bit. Then pag may sasabihan sya sau "NICE" or "NOT SO NICE" masasabi niya sau directly. Sa kanya mo mismo maririnig, in short di sya palstic and I really admire her for being that.
@Jen- I'll miss her mataray pero nice na aura. hehehe. kasi si Jeni first impression ko sa kanya mataray ganun pero hindi naman pala nice pala sya. Mami miss ko sya kasi ala na ako matatanungan about sa twilight series. Minsan yung 8 hours dapat na sleep ko nagiging 7 hours and 45 mins na lang tumatawad talaga ako ng 15 mins sa pag extend para lang magbasa ng twilight. Thanks Jen, I really enjoy reading twilight! Naku, i cant forget nung one time maingay sa floor talagang kinusap niya pa ung friend niya na client para lang patahimikin ang mga un...grrr...buti na lang malayo na sila sa amin ngayon kaya lang pumalit naman si BOMBO RADYO.
@Cai- I'll miss her pagkadalagang Filipina aura. hahaha.mamiss ko din yung kwento about sa adventure niya. kasi ako mahilig din gumala.Si Cai, talagang mega akyat yan ng bundok. Minsan may nakita ako maganda na puntahan then i found out na pupunta pala sila dito sabi niya next year eh. sama ako Cai ha. pag may photo session naku mga pose nyan pede na pang billboard kasi mga striking pose talaga yan. hehehe. peace Cai.
@Tetay- I'll miss her kasi sa kanya ako nagtatanung about my wedding preps. Super talagang pa advice ako jan and nagtatanung ako sa kanya anu ba maganda or anu mas praktical. Pagdating sa kainan naku jive na jive kami nyan. I remember nun nagsabi ako sa knila na mag burger avenue kami naku si Tetay ang kauna unahang pumayag at talagang excited sya. Sila din dalawa ni vayie ang nag influence sa akin na magblog. kasi galing galing nila magblog talaga. ako kasi amateur lang hehehe. One more thing na ma miss ko sa kanya ung pagiging calm niya lagi. Ung tipong kahit galit na or naiinis na sya calmado pa din sya. ikaw na nga mismo magtatanung sa sarili mo galit kaya si tetay hahaha. Mamimiss ko din ung pag nagbibiruan kami tapos si milo ang topic. kawawa naman si Milo. Sabi ko nga sa kanya turuan nya si Milo lagi ng lessons sa skul and talagang dapat physically fit si Milo, kasi pag nag kababy ako at may umaway sa baby ko naku kay Milo magsusumbong un. hahaha. tapos pag medjo mahirap lesson ng anak ko si Milo tutor para ala na ako babayaran sa tutor merienda lang.hahaha. joke lang tetay.
@Kuya Homer- eto si kuya homer mami-miss ko sya kasi naman mas lalo ako lumobo nung nakakasabay ko sya kumain dati sa Exportbank plaza. hahaha. bilis din kumain nitong si Kuya Homer eh. Mamimiss ko ung mga times na talagang hinuhuli namin sya kung nag yu-yummy sya. bwahahahaha. tapos sasabihin niya news lang tinitignan nya. Pero infairness sa news talagang updated yan ultimong weather updates ha! One time nga makulimlim then parang uulan ng malakas tapos malakas din ung hangin sabi ko may bagyo ba at ang sagot ni Kuya Homer, May Low Pressure Area lang. Wow talaga oh kita niyo na sya ang pumalit kay ernie baron. Kahit nga nung kay triallanes sya ang nagbalita sa amin nun nasa fraud pa ako nung tym na yun. hay kuya homer iba ka talaga.
Sana naman next month pang umaga na ulit ako! hay!hay!hay!Miss ko kayo as in super!!!
Now you have an idea na kung bakit ko talaga mami-miss ang Morning shift. malinaw na malinaw di ba?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Khim's Thoughts 1: My new Home

I had a problem on my former account as I can't view it for almost 2 weeks. I've been very patient fixing it. I even asked Tetay about the problem hoping that she can help me with the errors on it. Kaya lang when she try to check my blogsite ala din sya makita. Good thing I was able to save the post from my previous blog and I'll just post it again here. hehehe. So blog world, I'm back! :-)

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