Monday, February 16, 2009

Khim's Thoughts 8: happy weekend!

Posted On: November 21, 2008

Finally its my Rest Day tom, after a long and "super kagigil" week I can say that I'm back to normal. Nothing really special about our training as I already know the things that we just discussed.huh. (yabang mode..hehehe).

Although may mga new things din ako na tutunan pero mas madami pa din yung alam ko hehehe. Pero I really enjoyed the day kasi daming time magbrowse hehehe and ciempre mag blog. Vayie taught me kanina some details about the blog and di ko magawa. kainis!!! May tinuro din sya kay Jen and I'm pretty sure that matututunan ko din yun.

One of our trainor told us that ala na daw slot na pang gabi sa CHAT!!! yipeeeeeeee, it means that we''ll be on the morning shift, buti naman may good news na ngayon after ng mga bad news na nasagap namin at the beginning of the week.

Hay, i want to go home na. tagal pa mag 9:30 pa lang eh until 11 pm pa kami dito. di bale busy busyhan muna ako.

Be back on monday!!! Happy Sabbath and Have a great weekend!!

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