Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dare to Conquer 1: Amorita and Abaca

I was scanning the Martha Stewart Bridal magazine when I saw these 2 resorts. We're planning to visit these places next year and I know this will be a perfect place for a vacation. Take a look at the photos, I'm sure you'll also love them.

Our Wedding Diary 20: Shoes for the bride 1

Some shoes design for the bride...

I can't help but post them here.

They are all cute!!!

Elegant and Traditional....

In Different Hue

Too good to wear, even after the wedding... I'll go for the shoes in champagne shade, para hindi common and I can wear it pa sa ibang occasion.

and I'll match it with this bag...So stylish...ayoko nung parang pouch...basta yan ang gusto ko... :-)

Our Wedding Diary 19: Treats for the Kids 1

I love these ideas from the Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine, it's some treats for the kids. This will keep them busy in the wedding ceremony and reception. (Just hope this will be a cure for their tantrums.hehehe)

I just hope that our little angel's will love it!!!

Some candies ....

and chocolates....

Some crayons, coloring books, puzzles and toys for the reception. This will keep them busy while their Mom and Dads are enjoying the programme.

Some foods or baon for the ceremony. ( Bottled water, juice, chips and some cupcakes).

Our Wedding Diary 18: Event Stylist

I was reading the Wedding Digest Magazine, when I saw an article about an event stylist based in Silang,Cavite. Since it's a 15-20 minutes drive from our place, I decided to consider her to be our event stylist. One more factor why we want her, she's not pricey compare to other event stylist who would charge too much for an out of town wedding. She can make the wedding reception and venue glamorous for as low as 10,000 pesos. It's a bit cheaper compare to the stylist here in Manila, wherein they will charge you for a minimum of 25,000 pesos. She understands the needs of the bride and groom, they can even lend some things/items from their shop for free. Yup, that's free of charge!!! We're scheduled to visit their place this coming October to check her works. She's going to present a set-up that matches out theme and motif. I'm so excited!!! I'll give you an update this coming October!!!

Books to LOVE 2: A gift from Tetay

Before I left SGS, Tetay gave me this book as a gift. I'm not pregnant OKAY!!! She just gave me the book because as early as now I'm starting to read some magazines and book on how to raise kids. Kasi naman ayoko naman kung kelan anjan saka ko pa lang pagaaralan. Fort me, I just want to read those stuffs para naman if maranasan ko atleast I know something about it di ba? I can apply kung anu nabasa ko. I know experience is the best teacher but it's even better when you're prepared di ba?

Tetay, thanks for the book. I know matagal pa bago ko ma apply yung anjan sa book...

Khim's Thoughts 20: Bonding over dinner

Before we hit the production floor 2 weeks ago, some of my co-trainees decided to have a bonding over dinner. Tintin chooses Giligan's at G5 because it's 5-10 minutes away from the office. The original plan was on Macapagal Avenue because the pregnant Tintin wants some seafoods. But 2 of my co-trainees ayaw sumama,kaya ayun kami na lang. But it was a fun night kahit konti lang kami. Archie, Tin's better half, is so funny and super inaasar niya si Maijie. While si Dhane and Aton ay nakipag inuman kay Archie, Maijie, Tin and I was busy...EATING..hehehe..

Here's some pics... Too bad, konti lang pero masaya naman.

Kamay yan ni buntis, super gusto nya daw ng Sinigang na Bangus....naglilihi...

Maijie and Me...while waiting for the food!!!

Dhane and Anton....Kainuman ni Archie...

Archie and Tintin...syempre and LOVERS...

Sana masundan toh. Siguro pag nagtagal ng konti...hehehe

My Latest Purchase 3: Wedding Digest

I bought this Wedding digest one month ago and I just opened it this morning. Yup, just this morning..hehehe. I have this habit of buying things specially magazine then I'll just keep it in my locker or drawer. I'll only read it when I have time. Compare to other girls who will scan the magazine and just stare at the pictures or models on every pages, for me it's more than just staring at those pictures but reading every little details and articles on it.

I also bought back issues of magazines. The only thing na binibili ko kada release ng latest edition is the Cosmopolitan and the bridal magazines like Wedding Essentials and Martha Stewart Bride which is released 2x a year. But yung other magazines I always buy a back copies of it. Suki ako ng Filbar's Back issues. hehehe. Kasi for example like the travel, food and business magazines the price ranges from 125 - 250 Php every month. Pero pag pinalipas ko ung 3 months naka-sale na sya it will just cost 100 Php for 3 magazines of your choice. Hindi naman kasi nagbabago ang mga laman nun at hindi nabubura ung mga letters kaya the same din na mga ideas and information ang makikita ko dun. I'm buying wedding magazines kada release kasi I need to be updated and it's a must for me for my wedding preps. While ung Cosmopolitan, I always buy it every month kasi super aminado naman ako...kaartehan ko lang siguro..hehehe...

This is my first copy of Wedding Digest. I really love it because there's a lot of wedding suppliers profile inside na di ko kalimitan nakikita sa mga bridal fair and other wedding sites. I'm looking for a wedding stylist within our budget and I saw the information here in this magazine. She's a local from Silang, Cavite that means I no longer have to pay the Out of Town fee.(savings na naman ito, yehey...) There's a lot ideas din for the souvenirs, hay ngayon nahihilo ako sa pag pili. I'll post some of the items here as soon na ma-visit ko na yung mga sites nila.

I also read a lot of tips on how to save some money and on some details. I'll share it siguro when I have time. Looks like I'm back to my wedding preps again! I miss doing it!!!

My Latest Purchase 2: Shoes that Fits 1!!!

I'm very happy with one of my latest purchase. I have problem buying shoes because I usually fit in size 8 or 9. Sometimes may mga available na designs sa malls but di ganun kaganda. But take a peek on the shoes that I bought for just 200 pesos!!!

Yup that's 200 pesos for 2 pairs of shoes...Yipee..Thanks for the haggling power and skills that I learned from my dad!!!Nakuha ko sya ng almost 50% of it's original price.I bought it in a thrift store along Espana, Manila. The seller informed me that it's 200 pesos per pair but then when I make some "tawad" he told me that the last price is "180". But syempre di ako nakuntento so umikot pa ako. Since most of the shoes that I owned have heels and are mostly black, white and a few pair of beige and 1 brown pointed shoes (which vayie calls "Fucking shoes"..hehehe..kasi O.A. ang pagkapointed), I decided to looked for a flat shoes that I can used pag syempre nag grocery or naglalakad ng malalayo. Puro na lang kasi ako flip flops na minsan sabi ng pinsan ko boring na daw ako tignan.

After 30 mins, I saw these red shoes and decided to try it.

At first, sabi ko if 180 isa lang bibilhin ko pero if I can get it at a lower price I'll but both of them. My cousin told me to pick the first one because maganda daw sa paa ko.

But then maganda din ung red, I told her I can have both of them at 150 pesos each. (wink). We headed towards the cashier and told them that I will get it a 150 each. The cashier told us that it's not possible so I politely asked her to check if the owner is in the store and after 5 minutes she went back with the owner. Foreigner kasi, so alam ko bibigay niya un.

Khim: I'll buy these two pairs of shoes for 150 pesos each.
Store owner (Korean): How much is these shoes?
Cashier: 180 last price
Khim: But, I'm buying 2 pairs eh. I bought this bag here 2 weeks ago, remember I didn't asked for discount. Maybe you can give me a discount now?
Store owner (Korean): (smiles. I think he remember me) Oh yes. That shoes you pay 100 each Okay! You come back next week, we have a new display. new products.
Khim: Oh, Thank you!

I thank him right away and headed to the cashier immediately baka kasi magbago pa isip. My cousin asked me, "Ate, panu mo nagawa yun?". I answered back, "Kasi 2 weeks ago un din ung style ko. Nag work naman ulit ngayon di ba?" hehehe.

Best time of the day to buy some items, during morning..pag ala pa benta ang mga stores... or pag pasara na sila..kasi alang masamang tawad...hehehe...

ABC's of Beauty and Wellness 5: CHEW your food!!!

Here's something that I learned this week from this book.

Chew your food properly. Gulping down your meal can only lead to digestive problems in your later years. Most foods need to be "predigested" in the mouth before they are swallowed. The recommended numbers of chewing "strokes"? Atleast 15-18

Khin say's: I'm afraid to have colon cancer, I'm going to follow this one!!!

Treat yourself to some personal time 5: Play a musical Instrument

Here's what I picked from the Papelmeroti box this week!!! Have Fun!!!

Sing or play a musical instrument. If you don't know how, take a lesson. Time spent honing your skills will help refresh and invigorate you for everyday challenges.

Khim say's: Music is one way to relieve stress!!! I know how to play the piano but too bad I don't have much time to practice my skills. This morning, I tried to tune in to WAVE station. I always listen to that radio station, I love their song selections. Sometimes I'm into Mellow touch, specially during Thursday nights.I don't know kung anung meron sa mga old songs pero it narerelax ako pag nakakarinig ako nun!!! Oldies but Goodies...Better pag sa wave then puro acapella...Love it!!!Pag ala un...BOYS II MEN or J. Brick0man, their music never fails to brighten my day....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ABC's of Beauty and Wellness 4: Beleive in YOURSELF!!!

For this week, I picked BELIEVE!

Believe in yourself. Belief creates a biology. What you can imagine, you can achieve. When you believe in yourself, you unleash the power of creation inside you, the power of the inner self is the foundation of self confidence.

Khim say's: When you believe in yourself you're also practicing "POSITIVE THINKING". Always believe in yourself because our dreams and our goals in life will be directed by our own decisions. Kung di ka maniniwala na kaya mo, eh di pano ba maniniwala ung iba kung ikaw mismo mahina loob mo at walang tiwala s sarili. Pero pag pinakita mo sa kanila na may tiwala ka sa sarili mo at kaya mo kasunod na nun ang suporta nila.

Treat Yourself to Some Personal Time 4: Read...Read...Read

I miss posting this entry. For this week here's my share!

Improve your speech by reading a book out loud. You can read the newspaper and pretend you're a newscaster. Check the pronounciation of the words you're not sure of in the dictionary. Try reading a book in a language you know but haven't mastered.

Khim Say's: Reading is fun. I'm going to try this acitvity tonight while reading a John Grisham novel. I'll ask my sister to check on my pronounciation. Poor me, I know she's going to be "brutal" in giving comments. hehehe.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beauty Regimen 3: Feeding My Skin

I really take extra effort to feed my skin. A lot of my friends are asking me what's my secrets and the brands that I use to have a healthy skin and nice complexion. Well, it's about time that I reveal my secrets.

1. (FOR MY BODY) I always use body wash instead of soaps. Soaps can make our skin dry. When choosing a body wash take time to check on the things that your skin needs. As for me, I always use a mouisturizing body wash because lagi ako naka aircon (para maiwasan ang dry skin. I don't use lotion that much.) I always try to use an exfoliating body wash once a week para naman sa dead skin cells.

2. I never leave the house without applying sunblock and mouisturizer for my face and body.

3. During night time, just before I go to bed I wash my face with Placenta Soap (Di sya totally soap, parang pinatigas na jelly.hehehe). It works for me. It gives my skin a youthful glow. PROMISE

4. Drink a lot of water!!!

5. As much as possible try to get an 8 hour sleep a day. When we're asleep it's the time where nare-restore lahat ng nawala sa body natin. Studies shows that it requires an 8 hour complete rest para sa complete process daw. Kaya pansinin mo minsan pag puyat tayo nagkaka pimples and etc.

6. I always have my once a month. Dapat daw 2x a month ut for me ok na ung once a month. It's just for cleaning lang for white and black heads.

Take good care of your skin as early as now...So pag naging 50 na tayo you'll still look 40!!!

Well, that's my secrets!!! Just sharing my thoughts!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Wedding Diary 17: Wedding Congress 2009

Last Saturday, I got a text from Cacai and she informed me that they are going to attend the Wedding Congress 2009. Since, tapos na naman yung church service namin and we don't have any meetings sa church I replied and told her that I'm going to meet her sa bridal fair. It was Cacai and Ivan's first to attend a bridal fair, so I became their tour guide in an instant. hehehe. I really want to help Cai, so I don't mind going sa fair kahit na umuulan.

Syempre super excited ako and pagdating ko dun super punta agad ako sa reception area to get my name tag.

Pero syempre my bonus ako na w@w wedding primer. This primer is so useful kasi ang daming mga tips na mababasa dito. I have my first primer last year and I keep it kasi super gusto ko ung mga laman nun. This year is an improved version kasi madaming mga add-ons and Next year mas na e-excite ako sa ilalabas nila. hehehe.

I went to Cacai and Ivan right after ko makuha yung w@w primer and name tag ko. I introduce them to some of my suppliers and let them check their works baka i-consider nila. Syempre stress free ako sa mga supplier ko so if ever yun kunin nila I know stress free din for them.

We visited Chug's booth first. He's our wedding videographer. Super love ko tong si Chug kasi super humble nyan and He really loves his craft. He knows kung anu yung gusto ng client and napaka professional. A lot of our friends are asking why did we move our wedding date, one of the reason kasi is someone booked Chug and Jayson sa original wedding date namin. Ako naman, sabi ko di negotiable ung photographer and videographer dapat sila lang. wahehehe. Good thing my fiancee, agreed to move the date just to have Chug and Jayson. Kahit pa ma-move ulit ang wedding date namin gagawin ko ulit yun just to have them!!!

After I introduce them to Chug, sinamahan ko silang umikot ikot ulit and if may mga feedback ako sa mga suppliers sinasabi ko agad sa kanila. I even asked Cacai, if gusto nila mag food tasting sa Josiah's catering hehehe. Gutom na kami eh. Then she said Yes, ayun nagustuhan naman daw nila yung food.

While waiting for the food, Cacai and Ivan are busy checking on some flower centerpiece

and then Cacai, snatched my phone and gave it to Ivan. hehehe. Ayun kaming dalawa naman ang nagpapicture

I also share some pointers that I've learned from Tetay at sa ibang w@wies. I know kasi that planning a wedding is not easy, so I sinasabi ko sa kanila yung mga naging experience ko sa preps para naman if ever mangyari sa kanya she will know how to handle the situation.

We also dropped by at Jayson and Joanne's booth, they are our wedding photographer naman. Kaya lang ala daw si Jayson, pero andun naman si Joanne and she was so kind and very accomodating. By the way Jayson and Joanne made it to the TOP 5 W@W 2008 Wedding supplier of the year Pero kahit na ganun na ang naabot nila, katulad ni Chug they also remain humble. That's the traits that I really admire sa kanila. Yung kahit na may pangalan sila di sila mayabang. Kaya I know I can never go wrong with them. Si Chug at Jayson - talent at attitude- yun ang edge nila sa iba. I super love them. Magkikita tayo last week of this month guys or next month.PROMISE!!!

I saw Maam Benz sa event and she gave me this cute w@w pouch bag. Thanks, mam Benz! Now may mga lagayan na ako ng mga wedding abubots.hehehe.Super organize na sya.

Maam Benz also gave me a note para makakuha ako ng w@w pins. This is so cute...Simple pero cute.

That's what I'm using pag nagrereply ako sa other w@wies, it's always KHIM NI ROJ. hehehe

Syempre, dito ako pinakanatuwa. Maam Benz also gave me a w@w 10th anniv. souvenier coin. It's a limited edtion nung w@w anniv lang dapat yan pero buti na lang kahit di ako naka attend nagkaroon pa din ako nyan.....

Maam Benz, Thank you po sa lahat ng uulitin

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