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Our Wedding Diary 1: Grand Bridal Shower 2008

Posted On: November 9, 2008

I texted my supervisor if I can had my time adjusted sa sked kasi its raining cats and dogs in Tagaytay and I might come in late since I had a hard time looking for a ride to Balibago. She texted back and told me na di na daw pede ang ganung set-up...What's new? I was expecting dat naman eh. But upon reaching South Super Hiway the rain stop pouring and It only took me less than 30 mins to reach makati. Since it's too early pa i drop by at 1 Esplanade and check the Grand Bridal Shower event that was organized by Loi Villarama. I had so much fun. The food was great as in...yummmmmy...yummmmyyy. yummmyyy.... I had a loot bags full of freebies and I was able to meet a lot of w@wies from the event.

The main feature of the night as the 12 calendar boys that will be parading on the ramp!! I had the chance to vote Mr. December sa entrance pa lang. He had such a great body and a super hot and daring pose sa pixs niya...... hehehehe.... One more good thign about the event no boys allowed kasi nga bridal shower nga eh ang boys lang yung mga 12 calendar boys!!!! Next year i'll be planning to invite vayie, jen and cacai no matter what happens...sama si tetay if pede cia...i know they'll enjoy... i forgot to include tin.... too bad i had to leave early kasi nga i have work but i enjoyed naman even if saglit lang ako dun.

Next year naku I promise andun pa din ako..hahahaha... this is one of the event during may preps that I enjoyed (so far....hehehehe)....first time nila mag conceptualize ng ganitong event this year and since it's a success next year meron daw ulit..yipeeeee....looking forward to join this event ulit next year. I'll try to post the pixs sa website namin within this week try to view na lang...

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