Friday, October 8, 2010

Time to Celebrate 8: October Birthday Celebrants

Happy birthday to the 2 most important MEN in my life!!!

To my, tatay

and to my fiancee, Roj

Thank you so much for giving me love and support all these years. The first one will be shedding tears as he give my hand to my groom on my wedding day. While the last one will be wearing a big smile while he accepts my hand on my wedding day.

To tatay, I will alway be a tatay's girl no matter what happen!!! I'm pretty sure that I will cry a lot on my big day. I also know that your assured that I'm in good hands.

To Roj, we made it this far and I know that we can still make it till we both shall live.

Love you both!!!

Our Wedding Diary 39: We finally booked our Invites Maker

Last weekend, I headed towards Wedding Expo in order to book our Invite Maker. I really want a passport and boarding pass ticket for our invites because we will be having a travel theme. I was really very OC when it comes to the inclusion, package and the discount because as much as possible I really want a good invitation without hurting our pockets and without sacrificing the quality of the items.

After and 1 hour and 45 minutes of checking all the invite maker in the fair and haggling, I finally paid the down payment and start filling in the form for Paper Flair by Adworks.

The package that I choose will include a main invite (8 pages passport invite), boarding pass, coordinated jacket, sticker seal and thank you tag. It will look similar to this:

We will be visiting their office next week when Roj arrive. We will choose the fonts and the shade in order for them to start the draft. The draft will be send to us after 3 weeks and a mock invite will be process after the approval of the draft. As soon as the mock invite is approved we will have to wait for 2 weeks to pick up the invitations.

Wow, the next thing that I have to schedule is our prenuptial shoot. Guess, I really need to spend more time in the gym to look good in pictures. Wheeewwwww. We’re almost there, 2 more months and we will be saying good bye to wedding preps. I will surely miss this.

ABC's of Beauty and Wellness 8:Color Therapy

Color Therapy

Color Therapy can change your mood and outlooks on things. Feeling sad? Wear something Blue and Violet. Tired? Use red or Orange. Angry? Try green or white. Lonely? Pink will help.

Khim’s thoughts: There’s no harm in trying right? Hmmmm, I better wear red or orange when I go to the gym because according to the Color Therapy it will help when you’re tired. Let’s see if this will work. ? I’ll give you a feedback after trying it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Treat Yourself to Some Personal Time 8: Write a Journal or Start Blogging

The last time that I posted an entry about "Treat yourself to some Personal time" is on December 6, 2009 and just got a this text this morning from one of my followers "Khim, please continue the "Treat yourself to some personal time" sa blog mo. I miss it na. I know I can buy it in papelmerotti but mas encouraging pag galing sayo saka pag nababasa ko sa blog mo". After reading it, I turn on my laptop and pick a card from the box. I know that I'm just amateur when it comes to blogging, put it really put a smile on my face when one of my follower or friend text me or leave a message in my blog to check on my entries. So for my avid follower, this post is for you. Don't worry, I'll try to post this every week for you to enjoy it regularly too. Thanks, for the message.

So here's my share for this week.

Write in your Journal. If you don’t have one, start now. Putting one’s life into words somehow places it in proper perspective. Major disappointments get to become manageable irritations.

My Blog's Banner

Khim’s thoughts: I started blogging on 2008 and until now I really enjoy doing it. It’s my stress reliever because I can voice out my opinion, put my thoughts on certain things and also put all my observations into writing. When I try to read my past entries it brings back memories of that certain scenarios and it really remind me to be good and better every day. I also bring a small notebook me because just in case I find interesting topics or find a relaxing place I started grabbing my pen and notebook and starting jotting down things. As soon as I face my laptop, I’ll check my journal and start making an entry. I really love blogging and I guess I’ll never get tired of loving and doing this activity.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Wedding Diary 38: My First Gown Fitting

Last Friday, I had my first gown fitting and I must say that it really put a smile on my face. I arrive 30 minutes early from my confirmed schedule at Tito Cecil’s shop and I’m a bit nervous because I really don’t know what will happen during my first fitting.

I went there alone because “body form or lining lang naman”, I never pay importance on that detail but as soon as Cathy help me fit the body form/lining I felt the excitement. After fitting the body form/lining, Tito Cecil checked on me and said “Oh Di ba, may curve,panalo”. I can’t hide my excitement anymore and I gave Tito Cecil a big smile. He explained that my gown will be having a second look during the reception and that makes me more excited.

I’m looking forward for my second gown fitting by the end of this month and this time I’ll be bringing along a relative or a friend to take pictures of my gown fitting. I just hope that I can be able to maintain my waistline or it will be smaller by the end of the months. LOL.

TiTo Cecil, now I know why they tagged you as “THE MAGICIAN”. You put a lot of magic techniques in each gown to fully fit the personality of every bride. I really, love the outcome of the first fitting; I’m looking forward for my next fitting. See you soon!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

On Health and Wellness 1: Fitness First Routine

I’m having a great time at Fitness First because there’s a lot of group exercises available. You just have to find the group exercises that will really fit your mood and your needs. As for me, I found Body combat, Body balance, Body pump, Body attack, Cycling and Les Mills RPM really helpful in my weight loss program. Aside from the 1:1 Personal Training, I always made it a point to attend all of those group exercises every week. It can be addictive at times, especially the Les Mills RPM.

In order for you to know what those group exercises can do for you, here’s a brief description taken from the Fitness First Group Exercises Timetable.

Beginner Level

Body Balance

A fantastic mind and body class that integrates tai-chi, yoga, Pilates, flexibility and core training set to uplifting and inspirational music. This class will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed with a sense of well-being calmness.

Intermediate Level

Les Mills RPM

The ultimate calorie killer. Start pedaling and let go as the music takes you on the ride of your life along various terrains, speeds and intensities.

Body Combat

Raise your fitness levels with this knockout workout incorporating moves and stances from a range of disciplines, including karate, muay Thai, kick boxing and tae kwon do.

Body Attack

The sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises.

Advance Level


A vigorous and thrilling indoor cycling class with upbeat, high energy music.

Body Pump

A revolutionary weight training program workout that strengthens, tones and defines every muscles in your body. All the benefits of working with weights in one action-packed, highly physical class. It’s the world’s fastest way to get in shape!

So far those are my favorites because I really sweat a lot in those group exercises. There’s also a challenge every time I attend those classes. I must admit that it’d not easy to lose weight but as the saying goes “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. So I must attend those group exercises regularly together with my 1:1 Personal training 3x a week and a balance and healthy diet to attain my goal. Oh, and don’t forget PATIENCE and DISCIPLINE is a must when you’re doing lose weight lose activities.

I’ve never been this motivated in my whole life when it comes to losing weight, Thanks to Fitness First. It’s never too late to make Fitness First a habit and include it in your lifestyle. I encourage you to try it now!!!

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