Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Wedding Diary 41: Facing the Storm

The last three months of our wedding preps was the most challenging months in our entire wedding preparation. Everything is smooth and sailing until a strong typhoon hits Isabela. My fiancée’s family business is based in Isabela and almost 100% of their crops where destroy by the storm. Sadly, our wedding budget depends on their crops. I really can’t help but cry because I have to adjust everything. I have to start again from scratch with only 3 months remaining. We try to keep some of our suppliers and we also let go a lot of them. Until now, we haven’t recovered yet.

I have to change our caterer, venue, florist, entourage dress makers, I have to drop my chocolate covered cake, and some other things. 16 days to go before our big day and I don’t really want to stress myself that much. I just have to let go of all my worries and be happy that I am going to marry the man that was destined for me.

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