Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Wedding Diary 26:Hear Ye!!!!Hear Ye!!!

Got an announcement to make, but will be formally announcing it next month!!! Actually, some of my friends already had an idea about this changes!!!

Just want to give a hint...

From this

to this


and this is DEFINITELY OUT!!!

I'm so happy about the changes. I feel in love with it!!!

Ooooppppssss....Got to go now. You'll be informed about the changes SOON!!!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Blogging Activity 8: BLOGGING ALL THE WAY!!!

I want to sleep early tonight but I find myself here in front of the computer browsing the net and opening my Facebook account.  Blame it on Facebook, I have to open it everyday for the latest updates from my friends. Hahaha. But I really enjoyed Facebook a lot. I remember an application, wherein Vayie was asked if I was addicted to Facebook and she answered “Dapat daw i-pa rehab na ako” hahahaha. But it’s a stress reliever actually. I’ll post the Facebook applications that I love this weekend. PROMISE!!!

Since I can’t sleep, might as well post an entry. After all it’s been 5 weeks since I last posted here on my blog site. I’ve been doing my usual blog hopping when I remembered that I’m a blogger for a year now. Yup, I started blogging on November 5, 2008. You can check the oldest entry here at blogspot. I re-post it here.

My BLOGSITE just turned 1

I can’t believe that I’m blogging for almost a year now. Thanks to my blog mentors; Vayie and Tetay Whenever I need help regarding the layout and some technical stuffs, both are always there to answer my questions. I am not a good blogger, I’m just a good story teller. hahaha. When it comes to grammar, punctuation and tenses, gosh!!! I admit, I’m not that good. But I can say, I’ve improved a lot. You can check my previous entries and try to compare it from my first entry. I had to update my blog more often to practice my writing skills.

My friends used to tell me to edit my previous post. But I told them that I don’t want to edit it because I have my own reason. I want my readers to see my improvements since day 1 up to my recent post. A very OC (Over Compulsive) blogger, texted me 2 months ago and informed me that I improved a lot. There are still errors on grammar, tenses and spelling but the good thing about those mistakes…I learned from it and it serves as a challenge to improve my writing skills.

Blogging is one of the best activities that I’ll do for the rest of my life. Hahaha. No kidding. It’s my own space and my own story. Everything that’s written here is an overview of the things that I love and the things that keeps me going!!! Thank you for being a part of my blog; my journey. For untiringly visiting and reading the entries that I posted and will be posting.

Cheers to another year of blogging activity and entries!!!!


UPNEXT: OCTOBER Updates and FOOD Avenue
Might be posting it this weekend.

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