Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sing a Song 4: Ikaw Lamang

OMG! I been thinking a song for my wedding march and I must say that the long search is over. This will be the song!!! This is definitely the one!!! Anima Choir, I'm starting to love you for this...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our Wedding Diary 25: Finally...My Wedding Gown Inspiration

The upper part (front) should look like this

I want it with sleeves kasi ang laki ng arms ko wahahahaha...

The lower part should be similar to this..but not yet final..bahala na ung designer ko hehehe...

I also find this design cute, just incase kelangan ng ibang option

An Inspiration for the train

I also found an inspiration from one of my co w@wie..sis janice, di ko kasi alam sissy kung panu explain ung asa tabihan..papakita ko lang..hiram lang sissy...

I can't wait for the final sketch...

Photo Credit:
Veluz Reyes
Cecilio Abad
Just Me Janice

Our Wedding Diary 24: Cute Little Details 2

Thank you cards for our Guest

adding a more personalized touch to it...

Personalize aisle runner..hhhhmmmm...definitely a very unique idea

Something to make our guest busy while waiting for us to arrive on the reception site. This is a very cute idea.

Candies as place card...very cute

more candies to welcome the guest

Books to LOVE 3: Nicholas Sparks books from Ieni!!!

As Uno Animo celebrated it's 3rd year last month, we had our exchange gift. I picked Tetay, and she wants a bedtrail for Milo. I'm just so thankful that Ieni was able to give me a hand to purchase Tetay's gift. I hope that gift will make Tetay and Milo happy. After a year or two it's pretzel's turn to use it.

I was so excited for my gift as I really like to have the books that I listed in my wish list. I'm too lucky because the one who picked my name is also a bookworm, so she definitely know where to find one. I have this reminder in my wish list that "WHOEVER WILL PICK MY NAME, THEY HAVE TO BUY THE BOOK IN RECTO SO THAT I CAN HAVE 4 OR 6 BOOKS". Kasi, if they'll purchase it in Recto the price is cheaper. I also mentioned in my list that I will prefer a second hand book kasi nga para madami mabili. When Febe saw my wish list, she said "Anu ba yan, pahirap. Sana di ko mabunot si Khim". Hahahaha. That was also the reaction of my team mates last year when i submitted my wish list for Christmas. hehehehe.

Ieni, Thanks for the books!!! I really love it!!!

Our Wedding Diary 23: Dress Up the Bridesmaids2

I think my bridesmaid will love these gowns. The gowns are so simple yet so sexy!!!

Sing a Song 3: A Moment Like This

I got this from Sis Maan, this is not a part of our wedding song list not until I heard how Anima Choir sings it!!!!

Now, I think I have to include them on OUR MUST HAVES for our wedding :-)

Our Wedding Diary 22: Shoes for the bride 2

As mentioned on my previous post, I'll have a colored shoes for my wedding. I don't want the traditional white shoes as I find it too boring. I will be wearing a white gown already so I want my shoes to have a different hue. I found these shoes while browsing the net and they're so cute. Can't wait to buy my wedding shoes!!!

Photo Credits: Martha Stewart Weddings

Our Wedding Diary 21:Cute Little Details 1

Some ideas for the table numbers...

Bottle of wines instead of the traditional table number cards.

Since the guest will consume the wine during the reception, why not use it as a centerpiece and as a table number holder. You can save a lot on this one.

Your photos as a table number adds a personalize touch to your wedding reception

Use your prenuptial pictures as a material for your Table Number. You can be add a little information about you and your fiancee for your guest to know you better. Add some information such as your favorites things, hobbies, and a little trivia on how you met.

You can have this metal numbers as a unique concept.

To make the reecption programe more lively, ask your emcee to go on table hopping and ask for your guest's lucky number. Whoever seats or belong to a table number with the same lucky number as theirs, will win a price. Who say's table number don't matter at all?

I also found these name cute!!!

Tie it with a ribbon - Simple and elegant

Traditional Name Cards - For a simple touch

Let them look for their pictures- One unique idea that will surely make your guest smile. Finding their pictures in the tables

Fruits to hold your name cards -If you're having an autumn harvest theme, why not use pear or oranges. If you're having a Christmas festive feast, why not use apples and grapes. This will surely reflect your theme and motiff even without an event stylist.

Photo Credits: Martha Stewart Weddings

Time To Celebrate 4:Celebrating Tatay's 54th Birthday

We decided to surprise Tatay on his 54th birthday. Together with my sisters and cousin, we went home to make our Tatay happy!!! He was so touched for our little surprise. We may not have an extravagant celebration but I know that we made him happy on his day!!!Love you tay!!!

The Food

Like to thank my brother for ordering these foods. I know it's not really your stuff to prepare things like this. But you really did a good job!!!

The Birthday Cake

The Celebrant

Some of our cousin during dinner time...

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