Monday, February 16, 2009

Khim's Thoughts 5: terrible headache

Posted On: November 12, 2008

Its been 2 days since i posted my last blog and I really miss posting one. Yikes, seems like im becoming a blog addict!!!hehe. Last monday I wasn't able to post a blog as im currently working on my MACROS for the ATO templates. Yesterday I renderred an SL as I have migraine and I don't want to experience it again. Imagine as early as 7:00 AM after eating my bowl of oatmeal naramdaman ko na kumikirot sa may side ng ulo ko and until night na yun kumirot ng kumirot. I decided to drink a pain reliver and put myself to sleep as I thought that the pain will go the moment I wake up.

But after 6 hours, Ganun pa din and naging worst pa sya. I vommitted a lot!!! After 30 mins I immediately consulted a Doctor Dominic S. Dela Cruz and He told me that I had to take a supplement for my nerves (yung nerves connecting sa brain). Initial reaction was "Doc, di naman ako psycho di ba? Di ba para sa baliw yang Vita?". He smiled and laugh, "Of course not! We're did you got that Idea". I answered back "Sabi niyo kasi sa brain eh. Alam ko makulit ako at pasaway minsan pero di naman siguro symptoms yun ng pagiging baliw." He laughed aloud and told me that I just needed to take the vitamins kasi daw pag sumasakit ng ganun and di nag eepekto yung pain reliver thatt means that ng co-contract yung mga nerves di sila nagiging stable kasi daw pag nagpatuloy yun baka daw mag karoon ng damage and mas maging serious ang problema. He even told me that a lot of people don't pay too much attenton on this details. He even told me that studies show that out of 10 person that had experience headache only 1-2 person takes Vita B complex. Yung 9-8 na di nagtatake ng Vita B complex it turns out na pag tumanda sila and nagkaroon ng stroke ung unag pumuputok yung mga ugat nila sa ulo kasi weak daw yung mga ugat saka nerves na andun. Wow, I never knew that. I mean ako pag sumakit ang ulo ko, eh di sumakit no big deal!!! I don't know na-explained ko ng maayos but atleast you all have an idea. So the next time that you had a headache and it don't disappered within 6 hours better take lot of water, rest a lot and start taking Vita B Complex. Its not too late to take Vita B complex!!! He even advise me to have an eye check up kasi daw isa sa mga rason din un.

Bait ni Doc and I found him really cute!!!oopppsssss, just hope that Roj is busy right now para di niya mabasa to.LOL. di ko lang makalimutan ung reaction niya super tawa kasi tapos my dimples pa sya na malalim eh. hmmmmm....I guess its not really bad na i had experienced that yesterday kasi......I learned a lot about Vita B Complex .. : - )

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