Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Latest Purchase 3: Wedding Digest

I bought this Wedding digest one month ago and I just opened it this morning. Yup, just this morning..hehehe. I have this habit of buying things specially magazine then I'll just keep it in my locker or drawer. I'll only read it when I have time. Compare to other girls who will scan the magazine and just stare at the pictures or models on every pages, for me it's more than just staring at those pictures but reading every little details and articles on it.

I also bought back issues of magazines. The only thing na binibili ko kada release ng latest edition is the Cosmopolitan and the bridal magazines like Wedding Essentials and Martha Stewart Bride which is released 2x a year. But yung other magazines I always buy a back copies of it. Suki ako ng Filbar's Back issues. hehehe. Kasi for example like the travel, food and business magazines the price ranges from 125 - 250 Php every month. Pero pag pinalipas ko ung 3 months naka-sale na sya it will just cost 100 Php for 3 magazines of your choice. Hindi naman kasi nagbabago ang mga laman nun at hindi nabubura ung mga letters kaya the same din na mga ideas and information ang makikita ko dun. I'm buying wedding magazines kada release kasi I need to be updated and it's a must for me for my wedding preps. While ung Cosmopolitan, I always buy it every month kasi super aminado naman ako...kaartehan ko lang siguro..hehehe...

This is my first copy of Wedding Digest. I really love it because there's a lot of wedding suppliers profile inside na di ko kalimitan nakikita sa mga bridal fair and other wedding sites. I'm looking for a wedding stylist within our budget and I saw the information here in this magazine. She's a local from Silang, Cavite that means I no longer have to pay the Out of Town fee.(savings na naman ito, yehey...) There's a lot ideas din for the souvenirs, hay ngayon nahihilo ako sa pag pili. I'll post some of the items here as soon na ma-visit ko na yung mga sites nila.

I also read a lot of tips on how to save some money and on some details. I'll share it siguro when I have time. Looks like I'm back to my wedding preps again! I miss doing it!!!

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