Sunday, August 30, 2009

Books to LOVE 2: A gift from Tetay

Before I left SGS, Tetay gave me this book as a gift. I'm not pregnant OKAY!!! She just gave me the book because as early as now I'm starting to read some magazines and book on how to raise kids. Kasi naman ayoko naman kung kelan anjan saka ko pa lang pagaaralan. Fort me, I just want to read those stuffs para naman if maranasan ko atleast I know something about it di ba? I can apply kung anu nabasa ko. I know experience is the best teacher but it's even better when you're prepared di ba?

Tetay, thanks for the book. I know matagal pa bago ko ma apply yung anjan sa book...

1 comment:

tintintetay said...

Hope this helps you when the time comes. :) But our own moms' advise still work the best.

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