Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beauty Regimen 3: Feeding My Skin

I really take extra effort to feed my skin. A lot of my friends are asking me what's my secrets and the brands that I use to have a healthy skin and nice complexion. Well, it's about time that I reveal my secrets.

1. (FOR MY BODY) I always use body wash instead of soaps. Soaps can make our skin dry. When choosing a body wash take time to check on the things that your skin needs. As for me, I always use a mouisturizing body wash because lagi ako naka aircon (para maiwasan ang dry skin. I don't use lotion that much.) I always try to use an exfoliating body wash once a week para naman sa dead skin cells.

2. I never leave the house without applying sunblock and mouisturizer for my face and body.

3. During night time, just before I go to bed I wash my face with Placenta Soap (Di sya totally soap, parang pinatigas na jelly.hehehe). It works for me. It gives my skin a youthful glow. PROMISE

4. Drink a lot of water!!!

5. As much as possible try to get an 8 hour sleep a day. When we're asleep it's the time where nare-restore lahat ng nawala sa body natin. Studies shows that it requires an 8 hour complete rest para sa complete process daw. Kaya pansinin mo minsan pag puyat tayo nagkaka pimples and etc.

6. I always have my once a month. Dapat daw 2x a month ut for me ok na ung once a month. It's just for cleaning lang for white and black heads.

Take good care of your skin as early as now...So pag naging 50 na tayo you'll still look 40!!!

Well, that's my secrets!!! Just sharing my thoughts!!!

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