Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Latest Purchase 2: Shoes that Fits 1!!!

I'm very happy with one of my latest purchase. I have problem buying shoes because I usually fit in size 8 or 9. Sometimes may mga available na designs sa malls but di ganun kaganda. But take a peek on the shoes that I bought for just 200 pesos!!!

Yup that's 200 pesos for 2 pairs of shoes...Yipee..Thanks for the haggling power and skills that I learned from my dad!!!Nakuha ko sya ng almost 50% of it's original price.I bought it in a thrift store along Espana, Manila. The seller informed me that it's 200 pesos per pair but then when I make some "tawad" he told me that the last price is "180". But syempre di ako nakuntento so umikot pa ako. Since most of the shoes that I owned have heels and are mostly black, white and a few pair of beige and 1 brown pointed shoes (which vayie calls "Fucking shoes"..hehehe..kasi O.A. ang pagkapointed), I decided to looked for a flat shoes that I can used pag syempre nag grocery or naglalakad ng malalayo. Puro na lang kasi ako flip flops na minsan sabi ng pinsan ko boring na daw ako tignan.

After 30 mins, I saw these red shoes and decided to try it.

At first, sabi ko if 180 isa lang bibilhin ko pero if I can get it at a lower price I'll but both of them. My cousin told me to pick the first one because maganda daw sa paa ko.

But then maganda din ung red, I told her I can have both of them at 150 pesos each. (wink). We headed towards the cashier and told them that I will get it a 150 each. The cashier told us that it's not possible so I politely asked her to check if the owner is in the store and after 5 minutes she went back with the owner. Foreigner kasi, so alam ko bibigay niya un.

Khim: I'll buy these two pairs of shoes for 150 pesos each.
Store owner (Korean): How much is these shoes?
Cashier: 180 last price
Khim: But, I'm buying 2 pairs eh. I bought this bag here 2 weeks ago, remember I didn't asked for discount. Maybe you can give me a discount now?
Store owner (Korean): (smiles. I think he remember me) Oh yes. That shoes you pay 100 each Okay! You come back next week, we have a new display. new products.
Khim: Oh, Thank you!

I thank him right away and headed to the cashier immediately baka kasi magbago pa isip. My cousin asked me, "Ate, panu mo nagawa yun?". I answered back, "Kasi 2 weeks ago un din ung style ko. Nag work naman ulit ngayon di ba?" hehehe.

Best time of the day to buy some items, during morning..pag ala pa benta ang mga stores... or pag pasara na sila..kasi alang masamang tawad...hehehe...

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