Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Wedding Diary 6: Club Balai Isabel

Last Sunday, Tatay invited me to come along with them to watch Pacquiao's match with Hatton. I was asking him, Why do we need to go somewhere else when we can watched it also Live via Cable or on a delayed telecast via a local TV station. He just answered "para daw maiba". He even assure me that I'll love the place. So being an obedient daugther that I am, I went with them without knowing that Nanay and Tatay has a little surprise for me.

The route that we took was a familiar route for me. We used to passed by that route whenever we go to Batanggas and search for a resort during summer. It was a 20 minutes drive from our place and little that I know that Tatay and Nanay wants to show Club Balai Isabel as it will be a perfect venue for our reception.

As soon as we arrived, the resort owner who happens to be our relative, welcome us with a smile and headed towards our direction. He offered us puto batanggas, pancit, mami and kapeng barako. The food was great. Hindi ordinary ung food na hinain nila for us especially the puto which was home made daw talaga and di nila binili from the market.

We watched Pacquiao's fight and after the match we headed at the shore to check the place. I fell in love with their floating swimming pool. yUP, FLOATING SWIMMING POOL, i CAN'T EXPLAIN TALAGA panu nila nagawa, but it's a very catchy sight. Most of the resort member who rented the place usually have the wedding ceremony on the floating swimming pool. They will placed the floating swimming pool inside Taal lake's premises. Here's a view of the floating swimming pool.

Here's another view of the floating swimming pool.

To give you an idea based from Tito Nelson's explanation, the floating swimming pool can be move from any place inside the lake as long as the pieces that will be placed are balanced. It's like a giant puzzle kasi. The size of the floating swimming pool that can be made depends on the size of the guest or the entourage kasi pag mas madami daw masa malaki. The floating swimming pool was a unique and creative idea and I'm sure a lot of bride and groom to be will love it.Imagine your ceremony venue or reception venue on the floating swimming pool with Taal volcano as the background...I just love it....

Another place within the resort is the beach front. I t has a view of the Taal volcano too. It's bigger compare to the floating swimming pool, might consider this one also.

Another site is the area beside the infinity pool. It's the biggest and it can accommodate more guest compare to the first two. Here's a quick glance of the pool side.

They also have accommodations based from the group size and your needs.

The First one is the Lakeside Suites,Lakefront Suites and the Loft. Here's some of the pictures from the site. Sorry my camera got lost on our trip to Bohol,grrrrr. I asked Tito Nelson's approval naman before posting the pictures here.

Next is the Ylang-Ylang_Villas. This one is ideal for large groups or families. It is a 6-bedroom building that has a kitchenette and a bath tub.

Next on the list is the Sampaguita Manor it is a stand-alone structure that has 6 hotel rooms. 4 people can be accomodated for each room. Try to check the hotel rooms below.

The place was perfect! But we have to consider a lot of things before booking them. First on the list is the route, it's 20 minutes drive away from Tagaytay proper but since the road going to the place is steep and narrow it has a lot of dangerous curve. I don't want naman na pahirapan yung mga guest namin. Next is the caterer, Club Balai Isabel has an in house caterer di kami pede magdala ng caterer. Since Roj and I already made a down payment with our caterer last month, mahirap naman na magpalit pa kami ngayon. Roj and I loves the food of Eloquente and I guess we're just going to keep Eloquente. Although, Nanay and Tatay can talk to Tito Nelson about it di pa din kami nag gagawa ng decision. We'll also check some places pa and I'm going to post it here so that you can also check it, compare and leave a comment.

For now, I'll recommend it sa mga couple that has a BEACH Themed wedding. I'm sure you're going to fall in love with the place.

Hay, 1 year and 5 months to go. waaaahhhhh..... Time flies so pass!!!! Parang kelan lang I'm on a petiks mode when it comes to wedding preps but now hindi pede. hehehe.

But this is the most exciting part of the wedding preps, yung super nagiging busy na nang pa konti konti. It's a tiring but a wonderful experience.

This week will be dedicated to my wedding kwento updates. hehehe. I promised not to open my facebook account when I'm blogging kasi naman di ko natatapos ang blog ko...hahaha....Facebook is so addicting kasi.....

For Now, watch out for my next wedding kwento.....toodles.....


~Lorna~ said...

ganda sis..tagaytay ba yan..very nice!

khimphotz said...

Hi sis lorna,

sa batanggas pero sa tagaytay ung daan sa talisay sya. 20 mins drive pag galing ka sa picnic groove. ala pa nga ata 20 mins eh

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