Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Wedding Diary 8: Rejectkrew - Lights and Sound System

We both want to have a close venue for our reception as the weather during October is unpredictable. We want our guest to enjoy every minute of the reception rain or shine. For this particular supplier, we looked for someone who can deliver our wedding set-up inspiration at a lower cost without compromising the quality. In additional someone who's not going to overcharge us for the out of town fee. I'm glad we found one, here's a list why we choose REJECTKREW to be a part of our wedding supplier.


The group is headed by Elmer, super magalang yan and palagay ang loob ko sa kanya. I tried to check their work and I must say that they really had a passion for their craft. When I sent the picture of our wedding inspiration set-up to Elmer, He assured me that they can deliver the set-up. I heard a lot of good reviews about Elmer and his team, a lot of bride is raving about his work and they always leave a comment that Rejectkrew always deliver the high quality showcase of light and sound sytem that always exceeds their expectation.

After checking their work, I know I can never go wrong with them. I know that I can get the wedding set-up that I want.


The first time that I tried to inquire about their service I didn't got a reply right away because Elmer is attending a wedding that time. But as soon as He received my messages He took time to reply even though it's super late. He even ask for an apology for the late reply, a very humble act. I liked him since from the start because whenever I have questions He never failed to reply and he always provide me an answer. When I explained the concept and the theme of our wedding, he even got excited and even share some idea. I have no negative vibes about them, nag click agad kami nyan. From time to time nagtetext sya for updates, dun pa lang alam ko na maasikaso nila kami ng mabuti.


I have no second thoughts about the quality of their work. Unlike many suppliers that charges extra for some add ons, kina Elmer basta they can add it on the package they don't charge extra for it. I like to quote something from Elmer's blogsite and here it goes: "I don't believe that everything in this world has a price tag. If you need something then, there it goes, you wouldn't hear any cash register ringing. I'll add all of my upgrades and would not charge for any additional, my way of saying "thank you po!" ya know, if i could i would . Yes we are inexpensive but not cheap! You can have your dream wedding and still stick to your budget!".

I totally agree with him, Elmer understand the needs of the couple. I know that the services that I'll be getting from them is worth every penny!!!


Ala ako masabi dito sa rate niya, it's budget friendly. Unlike some suppliers that charges a lot for an out of town event, Elmer gave me a little discount and I would like to thank him for giving me a very affordable rate. Then all the upgrades are free.

Here's the equipment that will be included on our package:

2 units electro-voice subscoop speaker
4 units SPL (behringer components) speakers w/ tripod stand
4 units AA trapezoidal plastic molded monitor speakers
1 unit behringer EP2500 professional power amplifier
2 units better-audio power amplifier
1 unit spirit soundcraft LX7 24 channel audio mixer
1 unit behringer UB2442fx 24 channel audio mixer
1 unit Phonic digital reverb effects
2 units Trident 31 band stereo professional equalizer
1 unit kinetic crossover processor
2 units numark professional dj cd player
1 unit phonic DM1220 professional dj mixer
4 units shure sm58 microphones
2 units shure precission gear wireless beta58 wireless microphones
1 lot mic stands

1 unit k100 green laser
2 unit ace-lite gobo-projector lighting effects
1 unit ace-lite water wave effect
1 unit gobo lightings
16 units par 64 stagelights (with gell filters)
lighting controller / dimmer control)
1 unit antari smoke machine (scented smoke)
1 unit bubble f/x
light stands/ t-trusses/tripods


I know that yung mga binigay niya for me na rate is super sulit na!!! I haggle a little and he gave me a discount for the out of town fee as a freebie. He even included some specs that's not included on the package.


Elmer, pencil booked us right away. When we decided to change our date ala naman problema kasi they are also free for that day. He even assure me that the first team will be handling my event and He will be present on my wedding day. Hay, God is so good to blessed me with a batch of wonderful suppliers!!!

Here's a picture of our wedding inspiration set-up. I know kayang kaya nila yan. Isang picture lang muna para naman ma surprise kayo sa wedding namin.

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