Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Wedding Diary 7: Eloquente Catering Services - Caterer


Last month, Roj and I finally decided to book a caterer for our wedding. We also had a food tasting with them last month and my fiancee loves the food especially the beef dish. We're so happy to have them as our caterer the food was so yummy. One more thing we booked them on time, kasi they just have a price increase this month eh so last month the rate that was given to us was the old rate. Yipeeeee....We save a lot talaga.......

As a promise from my previous post I would enumerate the things that we consider before booking them and here they are.

Why we decided to make ELOQUENTE CATERING SERVICES as a part of our "DREAM TEAM". Here they are:


I discover Eloquente Catering Services when I joined W@W. A lot of brides and bride to be's are raving about the quality of their food and their budget friendly rates. At first I didn't pay much attention kasi I was eyeing for a different caterer. But as our guest list grew bigger we decided to look for a caterer with a lower rate. We have to compromise a bit kasi we want to work around within our budget. I also found that one of my barkada already booked them and she informed me that the food is great! So that's the "GO SIGNAL", I texted Roj right away and he REPLIED immediately that we'll visit them as soon as he arrive in Manila. We went to Eloquente agad last month and we both love their food.

Here's some pictures of their reception and dining area. ( We forgot to took some pics kasi naman na-excite kamimag food taste kasi super yummy ng food. hehehehe. I got these from sis ivy. Thanks sissy!)


When it comes to their Account Executive, my barkada referred Lyn kasi she told us that Lynn is maasikaso and stress free. When we visited their office we found out that Lyn and Beng are Ilocanos so Roj is palagay ang loob sa kanila kasi they are magkababayan. Roj liked their attitude and so do I. Nag click agad eh, nabibiro niya agad kami and I know that I can trust my wedding details sa kanila. One more thing, madali sila contakin not unlike other Account executive na pinag aantay ang clients nila.


When it comes to the quality of their food, ala kami masasabi kundi praises for them. The food is great, the pasta is not over cooked, not salty and the the meat are tender. They just have the perfect "timpla" for the dishes. When we visited their office we're lucky enough kasi the dishes that was served on that day is included on the package that we're eyeing for. So we got the chance to taste the food that will be served on our wedding day. In addition to that we'll still have a final food tasting siguro next year na when we're going to choose na the ribbons and the table runners. Can't wait for another food tasting event with them. hehehe.


We're just about in time to book them. Eloquente was about to have a price increase and nakahabol pa kami sa old rate nila. The quality of the food is comparable to the food that was served by the expensive caterers of the rich and famous, mas budget friendly lang talaga sila. Roj and I we're happy, our tummy we're happy and our pockets we're happy too. :-)


Lyn gave us a lot of freebies. Here are some of them:

The LCD and Projector, Chocolate fountain and our emcee "sweet casuyon" are some of the freebies that we got from Eloquente. Another hing that my fiancee is so happy about, is the upgrade ng bee dish. Yung natikman niya kasi is not included on our chosen package but Lyn was able to include it on our package with no extra charge. I love them talaga!!! My fiancee is craving for that beef dish kasi and talagang he asked Lynn if pede isama sa package namin un and Lyn relplied "AKO BAHALA, SIR. CGE ISASAMA NATIN" with a two thumgs up sign. yipee..isn't it sweet!!!


Since we booked them 1 year ahead, we got a reservation for our wedding date. Lyn will personally handle our event and I know that we're in good hands. To our guest, I KNOW you'll be satisfied sa food that they're going to serve. PROMISE!!!


tintintetay said...

Hi Khim,

I'm glad to hear na unti-unti ng naco-complete ang suppliers nyo sa wedding. Enjoy the rest of the preps. Before you know it, it's the big day na.

khimphotz said...

thanks tetay....mahirap mamili ng suppliers pero pag nakapili ka pala paunit unit sarap ng feeling...hay.....mahigit 1 year pa naman hehehe.

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