Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blogging Activity 2:On choosing a tittle for my entry

Just decided to use Khim's Thoughts as my title for every post that is not related to other category that can be found on my blog.hehehe. Got the idea from Tetay. Whenever i tried to post an entry I had difficulty on choosing a title. Here's some of the tittle for my other entry that I'll be using moving forward:

Wedding Inspirations: Syempre this will be for our wedding inspiration that I got thru the net, personal pictures on file and etc. My subtitle naman sya kung about saan ung inspiration na yun, for example Wedding Inspiration 1: Bride's Hairstyle.

Khim and Roj's Wedding Details: Obvious naman. hehehe. mga suppliers and yung official na details of our wedding.

Khim's Thoughts: Yan ung ala sa mga category. Yung tipong about my feelings, mood and etc. Mga Personal na ginagawa ko. Mga kaartehan ko sa buhay and etc. My Vanities and addiction.

Khim's Travel Diary: Syempre Travel travel toh. parang review about sa places na napuntahan na namin.

Food that keeps KHIM full: about sa mga recipes or other stuff about food. Yup, I'm planning to add some of my favorite recipes here.

My Memes: syempre weekly routine ko. hehehe. although I missed last weeks memes.

Yan muna for now, para pag title lang alam na ninyo what's inside di ba.

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