Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Khim's Thoughts 15: I'm sick

I'm sick since yesterday and I really hate it. I want to go to work since I have to take a lot of chats in order to gain a lot of positive survey. Damn, I need a lot of positive surveys in order to pass my stats this month. I'm 5% below the target score for my CSAT and just had a passing score for my FTR. Since I'm on a sick leave for 2 days I know my attendance will be affected as well. GRRRRR... I want to report for work tonight but since I'm in a bad weather I know I can't handle chat that well. I might save my attendance if i report for work tonight but I'll be compromising my CSAT and FTR and I don't want that to happen. So I'll rest for tonight and hopefully by tomorrow I'm already in good shape.

I just ate chicken soup and Keebler cookies before i took my medicines. Keebler is my comfort food; when I'm sick, sad, disappointed or there's a negative aura within me you can see me with a bag of Keebler. That's one of my habits that started during my college days. When something bad happened to me I always make it a habit to eat Keebler in order to remind me that I'm still lucky. Kasi a lot of people nga they can't buy everything they want di ba? Kahit yung bread or pastry na mura di makabili eh ako naka KEEBLER. So it's one way din of turning bad moments to a happy one kasi it satisfy my cravings eh. hehehe. So when I'm sick and na-confine ako, you know what to bring, alright? Don't bring flowers ha..hehehe.....Just a pack of Keebler.

As of know, I'm worried with my stats..hay... But I know there's still 7 days to go and I'll do everything to get positive surveys. I'll let you know by the end of the month if I beat my stats.

For know, I'll post some wedding inspirations before I go to bed and take my meds. Hopefully by tomorrow I'm fine na.


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