Thursday, July 16, 2009

ABC of Beauty and Wellness 3: ACCEPTANCE

I'm back. Yes, after ilang weeks eto na naman ako at balik blogging. hehehe. I was busy this week as Tin an I already started attending our training. Yup, trainee ulit ako and I'm enjoying it naman malayo dun sa inalisan ko. I know you're always texting me guys about the real story ng pare-reresign ko and I will let you know naman. Just give me time to post muna tong mga weekly entries ko like ABC's, Treat yourself, saka ung mga Meme's ko. Promise, I'll post it all here.

So here we go, For this week ABC of Beauty and Wellness, we have "ACEPTANCE".

Acceptance is an open state of mind and heart. It is seeing people and things for what they are- uncolored by your prejudices or your expectations. See yourself for who you are and embrace reality for what it truly is. This is the first step in gaining wisdom.

Khim says: I must agree with this. Kasi pag lahat ng bagay about sa atin and sa kapwa natin eh tanggap natin mas maiintindihan natin sila. In that way open ung mind natin sa mga bagay na ibato nila sa atin. Yung mga weaknesses natin, we have to accept those and learn from it. Kesa naman itanggi natin lahat yun. Improve na lang natin in that way we grow di ba?

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