Thursday, July 16, 2009

Treat yourself to some personal time 3: Prayers for Friends

Here's what we have for this week:

Think of the people in your life who need prayers or support. Write their names down on a piece of paper. Put these pieces all around your office or bedroom so that when you see them, you will be able to utter a prayer or hope wish for them.

Khim says: I picked this card last week, di ko agad na post dito sa blog because I'm too busy eh. Kasama ko sila mag apply for a new work, I've been praying talaga na makakuha sila ng work dahil alam ko na talagang kelangan nila. Sino ba naman ang di nangangailangan ng work sa ganitong panahon di ba? Nung nag apply kaming 3 sabi ko if ever na di ako makuha sa ina-applyan namin kahit si tin na lang kasi ako naman if ever di nakuha pede ako mag retract ng resignation. But God is so good kasi pareho niya kami inilagay ni tin sa magandang company. For Tristan, sana makahanap na sya ng work. Super tyaga nitong taong toh. I know God has a plan for you din Tristan. Basta wag ka susuko.


stacie twirL said...

that's very thoughtful of you khim! it's always a sweet responsibility to pray for our friends..though i don't do notes like the one you have here, you're all included in my prayers..*hugs*

khimphotz said...


i just picked it from a box that i bought from papelmerotti. Sakto na I'm with them. Pag naubos nga ung mga cards sa box na un I'll try to buy another one. I guess, it's a good activity as in. My friends are doing it na rin. When I try to post sila naman sunod. wahehehe. Nag eenjoy din daw kasi sila. I miss you cai!!! Musta si jen? si tetay?

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