Sunday, July 26, 2009

Something for our Taste buds 1: Roj's Pasalubong

Last week, I receive a package from Roj and I was so excited to open it. Lahat suila nakatingin sa akin habang binubuksan ko toh. wahehehe. Sorry, di ko agad na picturan bago ko buksan.

When I opened it, I was so deligthed to see what's inside. Chocolate Crinkles and my favorite Chichacorn plus a cute little coin purse from Baguio. He went there for a medical outreach eh ayun naisipan niya ako bilhan. hehehe. He's so sweet!!!

Plus I saw this inside note and it really made me kilg. wahehehe. Parang teen ager lang. Hindi naman niya kasi ugali talaga mag note note kaya ayun medjo napakilig ako at nalimutan ko na inis ako sa kanya. hahaha. I guess, it's a peace offering and pasalubong in one. Thanks po, Mahal!!! I love you more and I miss you too!!!

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