Sunday, March 15, 2009

Khim's Thoughts 13: Lazy Sunday

It's been a while since my last entry. Hay, I really miss blogging. Sorry If I don't have the chance to update this blog often. I'm just busy with work, with my wedding preps and kahit na gusto ko i-update everyday, I still can't find a time kasi pagdating sa house natutulog na ako.

I'll try to post my Memes for last week then I'll try to update my Daily Devotion. Kasi ung mga friends ko na ayaw bumili ng devotional book dito daw nagde-devotional hehehe. Sorry, now dapat daily na talaga pagpopost ko nun. I'm happy in a way that my blog becomes an instrument para naman ma-inspire kayo everyday.

I'm planning to post a lot of entry. Hahaha. Remember dati na I'm planning to post "MY TOP 8 ON 2008" ngayon I'll post pa din naman pero with a twist na nga lang. Parang Q&A for 2008. Then as for my bday I'm planning to post Khim on 27. hehehe. exciting.

As for the first week of April, watch out for the wedding kwentos that I'm going to post. It's the updated version nang mga nangyayari sa wedding preps ko. As in I'd really love to hear from you, your comments pag napost ko na un.

For now...mag relax muna ako..punta ako mall after pa foot spa...hehehe...

Have a happy Sunday!!!


1 comment:

Pat said...

hi sis! understandable ang hindi pag-update ng blog. same situation... sooo busy with preps. hay. :) i'll be sure to watch out for your kwentos. :)

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