Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Wedding Diary 35:And here comes the GOWN

We’ve been preparing for our wedding for two years now and I can say that it’s really a big challenge to look for quality and affordability at the same time. We’re lucky enough because we booked some of our suppliers on 2008 and it is stated on the contract that we’re going to follow their 2008 rates. For the past two years, I never pay attention to my gown details and design. Maybe because I don’t really know what I want or it’s because I can’t really decide on a particular detail that I want.

After two years of looking for a couturier, I finally find my match. Its official, I’ll be wearing a Cecilio Abad creation.

I never thought that I will be wearing one of his creations, not even in my dream. When I visited his office this afternoon, I feel a little bit excited not because of the gown design but because I will meet him personally. As soon as I enter his office, he greeted me with a big smile and from there I suddenly feel the “IT FACTOR”. He suddenly asked, “Anung gusto mong design?” and I answered back, “I don’t really know what I want. There’s a lot of good gowns and cute details but I can’t say kung ano talaga ang gusto ko. I always wear simple dresses and gowns when I attend parties and formal functions”. I also told him about my insights and fiancée’s expectations on the gown. He asked me to wear a piece of cloth/material to analyze and to check my body figure. He explained that this will help him pick the clothing materials for the gown as well as the design that will suit my body.

The first design was so elegant and sophisticated. There’s a bit of conservative drama and I liked it maybe because I’m really conservative when it comes to dressing up. But there’s a little voice inside me that says “get out of the conservative aura, kahit ngayon lang”, so I asked Tito Cecil if we can change some details and he said, “Pwedeng pede. Akala ko kasi hindi Ok sa church niyo, kasi di ba Adventist”. I smile upon hearing those words, kasi he gives importance dun sa mga ganung details. I answered back “Ok lang po”. He suddenly grabs the sketch pad/notebook and started asking me about my photographer, videographer, makeup artist and etc. He also gives me some advice for the flower arrangement for the church and I before I knew it the sketch was done. Upon seeing the sketch, mas naging excited ako. I really feel in love with the design and it also gives me a lot of determination to focus on my gym routine. I also requested for a long veil, a second veil for my reception, an additional pillow and to put some of my wedding theme concept on the gown design and he agreed. When I asked the additional cost for those last minute request, he said “Ok na yun, mga simpleng request lang naman yun. Ibinabalik ko lang ang mga blessings na natatanggap ko sa ganyang paraan”. As soon as I heard that I know that I can never go wrong if I’m going to book him and I admire him even more for the last thing that he said. It’s not every day that you came across a well known supplier that have a kind hearted and humbleness act as Tito Cecil is. I know that God will bless him more because he is a good man.

At the end of the day, I find myself signing the contract and paying for the down payment. I’m going to visit his office for the first fitting at the end of the month, and that makes me more excited!!! I’ve never been this excited in my entire wedding preparation. Thanks to Tito Cecil! Now I’m starting to feel the “BRIDE AURA”.

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