Friday, September 10, 2010

Khim's Thoughts 25: BPO WORLD

After I resigned from my previous job last March, I never thought that I’ll find myself working in the BPO industry again. As far as I can remember I had a mind setting that time that I’ll apply in a company wherein I can utilize my skills as a Chemical Engineer; a Laboratory Analyst or Quality Control Engineer perhaps. Well, I tried to apply as a Laboratory Analyst in one of the biggest beverage company here in the Philippines and I was even given the chance to pick my startup date. I was even given a good compensation and good schedule but I really can feel the excitement and the belongingness in that field. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful because I was given the chance to be recognized by the company and it’s actually a big opportunity to work for them but I really can’t see myself working there for good. I might get bored and resign in less than 6 months. I decided to turn the offer down without any hesitation and before I knew it I was applying for a job in the BPO industry again.

The BPO industry has been my comfort zone for four years now and I must say that I’m really enjoying my job. Some people might think that working in this kind of industry is as easy as ABC but sorry guys; I think this is one of the toughest jobs nowadays. Ever wonder why? Because we also have metrics to maintain, everyday is a learning process, you’ll experience a lot of challenges and the updates it happens daily. It’s not easy to maintain our position here because we all know that there’s a lot of applicant every day and any moment they might replace us if we’ll not perform well.

I’m working in a new company now and I’m having a good time here. Even though our position is a challenging one, we don’t even care to bother because we know that we can surpass all the difficulties as a team and we can do better each day. I’m happy here; it seems that everything is perfect. From the route that I have to take every day, the location of our building, the company, my compensation pay, and my teammates and of course my team manager, I must say that I couldn’t ask for more.
Here are some pictures that I managed to save in my mobile for 3 months now. Take a peek at my new route, building and new friends as well.

The Route

One of the reason why I love my new job is because of the route. It will just take me 20 - 30 minutes to go to my workplace and I really enjoy walking in this street. I mean it's so peaceful not unlike in Makati wherein all you can see are buildings. Here, in my new route you'll enjoy the walking on this route at any time of the day. I like walking in this street during dawn/early in the morning, mahangin kasi.


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