Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Khim's Thoughts 24: Been Busy Lately

I know, I haven't update my blog for 3 months and a lot of my barkada and followers are asking me to update this. Well, starting today my blogging activity is back to normal. You can read the latest happenings and my stories daily!!! I know there's a lot of stories that I missed but no worries because I'm going to publish all the drafts as soon as possible!

There's a lot of changes during those months and I'm so excited to share them here. For now, allow me to sleep because I haven't take a nap yet. After logging out from work, I went home and open my laptop without even taking a rest. Blame it on the fast connection of Sun Broadband, I'm just having a 5 - 6 hours sleep daily!!! hehehe. This is the fastest broadband connection that I have!!! That means there's no excuses when it comes in posting my entries!!!

I'm so excited to post all of the entries that I missed!!!Just give me 3-4 days to finish every thing!!! Promise, after 4 days I'll publish the 15 pending entries/drafts!!!

Toodles for now!!! Be sure to visit this blog after 4 days for updates!!!

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