Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Wedding Diary 29: Weddings and Debut 2010

2 weeks ago, I went to Mega Trade mall in order to attend the Weddings and Debut 2010. I was really excited as I’ll meet a fellow w@wie, Sis Maggie. She kept me company throughout the day. We went to the W@W (Weddings at Works) booth to check if Mam Benz is there. Luckily, we had a short conversation with Mam Benz and were able to meet some w@wies too. Now, I can put a face to their signatures or names. We usually signed our w@w emails with our name and the groom’s name. On my end, I use this:

Khim ni Roj

Roj and Khim

December 30, 2010


We headed at Gervy's Amazing Cakes booth to inform her that we change our wedding date. As always, she was so accommodating. I booked her one year ago, at the same bridal fair and same venue. You can check it here. We’re going to visit his shop for the final cake design and I’m so excited. Since we’re going to have a Vintage and Travel theme wedding, here’s a few design that will serve as an inspiration for our wedding cake.

These last two pixs are our favorite!!! Especialy when I saw the LV bag.hehehe. Our cake design will be a combination of the two designs below... I can't wait to see the final sketch of our wedding cake!!!

I also have saw some cake toppers and I fell in love with them. They are all perfect for our wedding theme.

These topper reflects our passion for biking, shopping and traveling.

...but when Roj saw this topper, He smile and said "This is the perfect description of the bride and the groom, especially the BRIDE. I checked it and I laughed after seeing it, indeed it is a perfect description of "US"!!! Especially the BRIDE!!! hahaha. Check the picture below and you'll know why.

I guess we're going to use the second one as our cake topper!!!I super love it!!!

Another accomplishment during the bridal fair,I was able to book my Hair and Make Up Artist. I panicked when I found that Tito Eddie Bruan was booked on my wedding day. Sis Maggie, said that I should look for a replacement right away. I finally did!!! I super love my make up, I super love the HMUA. I booked Val Villarin. Yup, di ako nag inquire jan before kasi pinag aagawan talaga yan eh saka mahal ung rate. But good thing, he offer a good package during the fair and he was available on my wedding date. After my trial and make up, I booked him right away without any hesitation. You can check some of my photos below or you can also check some of the photos here. Will be having another trial make up, maybe this June or October during our prenuptial shoot.

Wheeww..I also booked SJT String Ensemble as our Singers and Musicians. I feel in love with their performance. I booked them right away,after they sung the "Two Words" by Lea Salonga, dun pa lang medjo naiiyak na ako eh so panu pa pag wedding day ko na. Their voice were so great, so I booked the 2 lead singer that was present on that day. They were so terrific I know they will be a big hit on our Big day!!!

I'll be posting my wedding kwentos tomorrow. hehehe. I still have 3 post pa but don't worry guys, I'll keep you updated.

For now, I'll rest muna because I still have a shift maya!!!


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