Saturday, February 6, 2010

My latest Purchase 4: items bought on November 2009

I don't recall any special events that happened on this month. I only remmber purchasing a lot...hehehe. I bought somethings as a gift for my self for year 2009.

Here are some of them:

Sexy shoes from So Fab

When I saw this shoes, I asked the sales lady for my shoe size and it's a perfect fit! How can I say no! A sexy shoes and my favorite hue in one!!!Plus I super love the details!!!

Victoria Secret bags

Cute bags. The red one is my favorite!!!

I had my first Starbucks planner last year. When I saw the Year 2010 edition I was so eager to complete all my stickers. Let's just say that since I love their frappe the planner is just an additional bonus.


1 comment:

Jhan said...

wow!!! nice shoes sis!

shoe fetish din ako! *apir*

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