Monday, February 8, 2010

Khim's Thoughts 22:Random Thoughts on a Manic Monday

The last 4 or 5 entries that I posted were stories about my experiences last year. Now it’s time to start posting my 2010 journey. As promised in my previous post, I vow to update this blog as often as possible. So, here I am on a Manic Monday- sharing thoughts about some aspect of my life!!!

Random Thoughts on Beauty and pampering

1.)I want o have a new haircut. I’m browsing the net for inspirations.

2.)I’ll be having a body spa every first week of the month, facial during 1st and 3rd week of the month, foot spa every 2nd and 3rd week of the month and hair pampering once a month. In short gastos every week sa mga kaartehan. Hahaha

3.)I discovered that the Johnson and Johnson’s body wash are good. I can now get rid of those expensive body wash because the new Johnson and Johnson’s products can do the magic to my skin. I love it! Feed your skin!

4.)I have a new beauty and shower buddies; I’ll discuss it in a different entry maybe this weekend. They all works and you should try them too. The result is really amazing and it’s not that expensive!!!

Random Thoughts on Fitness and Health

1.)Finally, I find myself being conscious about my weight and figure. I guess it’s just normal for all brides to be. I try to check all the nearby gym in order for me to work out. Yes, those who know me will say “Gym is not a part of my vocabulary!!!” but I guess it’s time to begin my Fitness routine. I’ll try to jog whenever I have time and try to involve in sports again. That will be a perfect start and hopefully after 4-6 months I can see some changes especially in my waistline. Hehehe.

2.)I start avoiding sweets, fatty foods and carbo. I have to avoid my favorites this time and that includes lasagna, pizza, spaghetti, carbonara and etc. My dietitians said I can still have those foods but it just have to be in small servings. When I heard that I asked her “Define small serving?”, she answered back with a commanding tone “only 1-2 tablespoon, just enough for your taste buds to savor the flavor. You have to chew it very slowly and take water in between so that will make you feel full!!! Waaahhhhh… How can I give up my favorites? But if I can have a good shape by just giving up these foods then why not. I’m determined to do it!!! I will and I can!!!

3.)I’ll be going to an OBGYNE as early as now because I have an irregular menstrual cycle. This will be one way of preparing for motherhood. As you all know, I’ll be getting married this December and I don’t want naman na kung kelan kasal na ako saka ko pa lang malalaman if there’s something wrong with my reproductive system. As early as now, I want to know if there’s any problem or if this irregular menstrual cycle can affect conception. If there’s a problem it’s not too late to find a cure for it, right? So after our wedding I can really say that I’m healthy enough to have a baby. It’s our responsibility to ensure that we’re healthy sa lahat ng aspect. I’ll be having an executive check up as well.

4.)I’ll be going to the dentist in order to have a dental extraction. Actually, it’s a difficult extraction daw parang ooperahan ako ganun pero safe naman sya. Since, dental checkups and dentures are cover by our HMO card, I’m going to use it. Sabi nga ng supervisor ko before “ABUSE YOUR HEALTH CARD”.

Take good care of our health and have a healthy lifestyle in order to have long life!!!

Random Thoughts on Work

1.)I got regularized last January 1, 2010 and it’s really a relief! I also have a good salary raise and I can say that I’m really happy with it.

2.)I have to focus on my stats especially my QA. Maybe I need to slow down a bit in answering queries in order to focus on my quality.

3.)I cannot say that I’m enjoying a lot but I cannot also say that I’m sad. Tama lang. Siguro kasi I just missed my friends; the Morning Girls and my Chat family. That’s life, my Suth days are over but I can still communicate with my friends anytime. Just want them to know that I really miss them!!!

4.)After 11 month’s I’m back to the grave yard shift. The last time that I had this shift was with my former company pa. That’s not a problem for me, actually mas gusto ko to kesa sa midshift. Our graveyard shift starts at 9:30pm – 6:30 am. Right after work I can still fix my things sa house. Then do a little net surfing, read books and magazine and surf the net. Pag kasi midshift ako parang ala akong life eh hehehe. Mid shift kasi sa new department ko is 1:30pm- 10:30pm. So basically ung araw ko ala akong nagagagwa. May nagagawa lang ako pag sa rest day. At least pag sa grave yrad shift naka set ako matulog ng 10:00pm then gising ako ng 6:00pm. Yung mga activities ko nakakagawa pa ako then before 10 am and after 6 pm. Then I still have the time to watch the news and some shows.

Pero syempre, nothing beats the Morning shift!!! It’s my favorite shift. It starts at 5:30 am -2:30 pm. I had a time to go malling after work and unwind ng konti sa mga quiet places. Then pag uuwi ako less traffic pa din. I can still watch tv by night time, read a good book and blog until 10pm. Hehehe.

5.)Just after signing my regularization papers, the thought of resignation comes after. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my salary and with the company, it’s just that I want to focus on our business. Mas masarap kasi ang merong business, you’re the boss of your own company. Then young oras mo hawak mo and you can do the things that you want without thinking kung malate ka ba, kelangangn hit ang mga stats and etc.

6.)The thought of working abroad comes in. Roj and I are still thinking about it. We’re preparing for it but it’s not yet final. We’re still weighing things out if it will be better to leave everything here and go to a place that’s both new to us. Hopefully, by next quarter we already have a decision about it.

Random Thoughts on my activities and interest

1.)I want to buy cooking and baking books to enrich my cooking and baking skills.

2.)I also want to buy books about mga places na gusto ko pountahan. I’m eyeing a book entitled “Touring Europe”.

3.)I want to travel this year. I want to visit a place where I can relax. Maybe a nice beach or province na madaming mapupuntahan para naman my vacation leave won’t be put to waste.

4.)I also want to travel abroad. Maybe Macau or Asian cruise will do. Just hope we can go there this year.

5.)I need to buy books. I’m done reading the books na andito sa house.

6.)I’ll watch a movie every month with or without a companion. Hehehe.

7.)I update the title of my post to be organize. I also had a certain topic that will be discuss each day. I’ll post them in a different entry so that you can check them.

There go my random thoughts on a Manic Monday. Got to go now and rest for 1.5 hours. I still have a shift tonight. Have a good night everyone! Toddles!!!

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