Friday, February 5, 2010

Time To Celebrate 5: October 2009

Roj went here to celebrate his birthday and we had a great time. It was an official eat out and GALA date everyday!!! hehehe. I treasure every moment as in. 9feeling hi-skul. LOL) Pag pinagsama sama mo kasi ung araw na the two of us were together, I bet that will be 60 days or less lang. I’ll be posting some of our pictures in my multiply account, but for now here are some of our pictures.

SM Mall of Asia

Men are BORN to WORK...
WOMEN are born to be PAMPERED... hehehe...
One way of pampering women is through SHOPPING...
And I'm gald I'm being PAMPERED WELL!!!LOL

One of my addictions...hahaha....basta shoes and flipflops...

I lose few inches so we bought a pair of jeans. I find a cute sneakers at Bench too and I really love it!!!

While I'm busy looking for the perfect shoes that will fit, Roj is busy checking the items that are connected with his sports and hobbies. He find a nice bag at The North Face and a few items for his bike.

We find ourselves in our "batang isip" nature and Roj really likes my "kakulitan" that time. He even took a picture when I "make face" and when I chased Nemo. Take a look..

We finally had our dinner at Burgoo. Super kulit pa din ako as always!!!hehehe. These are the moment that I thank God that I'm alive...ala nang mas sasaya pa dito...kasama mo mahal mo...cheessssyy but so true....

The next day we headed towards Gerry's Grill and Giligan's the following day. I told you "EAT OUT" is an understatement. hehehe

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach and I must agree to that. Roj finished 3 servings of my chicken sopas. He's even craving for it when he went home to Isabela.

3 SERVINGS OF masarap na SOPAS + a good cook like me's the outcome

ANTOK sa kabusugan. hehehe

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