Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Wedding Diary 38: My First Gown Fitting

Last Friday, I had my first gown fitting and I must say that it really put a smile on my face. I arrive 30 minutes early from my confirmed schedule at Tito Cecil’s shop and I’m a bit nervous because I really don’t know what will happen during my first fitting.

I went there alone because “body form or lining lang naman”, I never pay importance on that detail but as soon as Cathy help me fit the body form/lining I felt the excitement. After fitting the body form/lining, Tito Cecil checked on me and said “Oh Di ba, may curve,panalo”. I can’t hide my excitement anymore and I gave Tito Cecil a big smile. He explained that my gown will be having a second look during the reception and that makes me more excited.

I’m looking forward for my second gown fitting by the end of this month and this time I’ll be bringing along a relative or a friend to take pictures of my gown fitting. I just hope that I can be able to maintain my waistline or it will be smaller by the end of the months. LOL.

TiTo Cecil, now I know why they tagged you as “THE MAGICIAN”. You put a lot of magic techniques in each gown to fully fit the personality of every bride. I really, love the outcome of the first fitting; I’m looking forward for my next fitting. See you soon!!!!

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