Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our Wedding Diary 21:Cute Little Details 1

Some ideas for the table numbers...

Bottle of wines instead of the traditional table number cards.

Since the guest will consume the wine during the reception, why not use it as a centerpiece and as a table number holder. You can save a lot on this one.

Your photos as a table number adds a personalize touch to your wedding reception

Use your prenuptial pictures as a material for your Table Number. You can be add a little information about you and your fiancee for your guest to know you better. Add some information such as your favorites things, hobbies, and a little trivia on how you met.

You can have this metal numbers as a unique concept.

To make the reecption programe more lively, ask your emcee to go on table hopping and ask for your guest's lucky number. Whoever seats or belong to a table number with the same lucky number as theirs, will win a price. Who say's table number don't matter at all?

I also found these name cute!!!

Tie it with a ribbon - Simple and elegant

Traditional Name Cards - For a simple touch

Let them look for their pictures- One unique idea that will surely make your guest smile. Finding their pictures in the tables

Fruits to hold your name cards -If you're having an autumn harvest theme, why not use pear or oranges. If you're having a Christmas festive feast, why not use apples and grapes. This will surely reflect your theme and motiff even without an event stylist.

Photo Credits: Martha Stewart Weddings

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