Saturday, October 10, 2009

Books to LOVE 3: Nicholas Sparks books from Ieni!!!

As Uno Animo celebrated it's 3rd year last month, we had our exchange gift. I picked Tetay, and she wants a bedtrail for Milo. I'm just so thankful that Ieni was able to give me a hand to purchase Tetay's gift. I hope that gift will make Tetay and Milo happy. After a year or two it's pretzel's turn to use it.

I was so excited for my gift as I really like to have the books that I listed in my wish list. I'm too lucky because the one who picked my name is also a bookworm, so she definitely know where to find one. I have this reminder in my wish list that "WHOEVER WILL PICK MY NAME, THEY HAVE TO BUY THE BOOK IN RECTO SO THAT I CAN HAVE 4 OR 6 BOOKS". Kasi, if they'll purchase it in Recto the price is cheaper. I also mentioned in my list that I will prefer a second hand book kasi nga para madami mabili. When Febe saw my wish list, she said "Anu ba yan, pahirap. Sana di ko mabunot si Khim". Hahahaha. That was also the reaction of my team mates last year when i submitted my wish list for Christmas. hehehehe.

Ieni, Thanks for the books!!! I really love it!!!

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lgeorgia said...

Oh you like Nicholas Sparks too. Aside from the Notebook, my fave is the Wedding :)

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