Thursday, June 18, 2009

Khim's Thoughts 16: Busy Blogger

I have a lots of new entry for this week and hopefully I can post all of them these weekend. Good thing I filed for a vacation leave for 2 days then followed by my restday. Just a quick review, last Sunday I attended Kookoo and Heart's wedding and I'm also starting my entry about their wedding. Last June 7, 2009, Jagger got married too. wheew. Eventhough, I din't attend the said event, I will also post an entry about Jagger and Rey's wedding.

Ang dami talagang happenings over the weekend. Also, last Saturday, one day before Kookoo and Heart's wedding day I attended Nene's despidida pary. As of this moment baka pasakay na sya ng eroplano. Kanina lang I was just in tears as we exchanged texts. Tinawagan ko sya early in the morning ang super nag iyakan lang kami. Hay, kakalungkot punta sya U.S at ngayon pa lang nami-miss ko na sya. Pero, happy din kami on the other hand kasi makakasama na niya ang husband niya.

So much for the review..hehehe. I'll post all of them these weekend. Just give me until Tuesday para mapost ko lahat yan. hehehe.

For now, I have something new dito sa blog ko and it's called PERSONAL TIME. I bought this from Papelmeroti and I decided to share this to you every week. It's a box full of small cards inside, written on the cards are some suggestion on how you can spend some of your personal time. In the box it says: "STEAL A TRANQUIL MOMENT OR TWO IN YOUR DAY BY PICKING ONE CARD- EACH HAS AN UPLIFTING IDEA TO CHASE THE BLAHS OR BLUES AWAY." Let's start it this week!!!

Hope You'll also enjoy this activity!!!

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