Thursday, June 18, 2009

ABC's of Beauty and Wellness 1: Anger

Last week, I went to National Bookstore in order to buy a Nicholas Sparks book but then I just can't decide which novel will I buy kasi naman I want to have all of them. hehehe. I just decided to asked Jen if I can borrow a book from her so makaksave naman ako. hehehe. Sabi niya John Grisham daw ung nasa sa kanya so sabi ko cge I'll try na din. I promise to read at least 1 or 2 books a month di ba? It's included on the 27 things that I'll do this year. Para naman balance ang non fiction at fiction books na binabasa ko. Jen, agreed to lend me 2 books pero John Grisham and I'm starting reading the first book. I just love it!!! Thanks Jen, for sharing it to me.

Anyways, back to the main topic, I decided to stay at the store for 5 minutes in order to check if I can find something that will caught my interest. After 2 or 3 minutes I found this booklet written by Cory Quirino entittled "ABC's of Beauty and Wellness". I started on checking the contents and I decided to buy as I am pretty sure that I can get a lot of information from it. The booklet is a collection of the back-to-basics tips on how we can have a sexier form and healthier frame of mind- "POSITIVE THINKING".

For this week the First "A" on my list stands for "ANGER"

Cory says that we should avoid ANGER! Studies shows that quick-tempered persons are more prone to strokes and heart attacks than slow-to-anger folks. If you feel you're on the verge of blowing your top, slowly count one to ten first.

Khim says: Hindi naman ako lagi nagagalit but just in case magalit ako, I'll remember this one. I should count from 1-10 maybe in order to relax a bit. Good point, ayoko mag ka wrinkles ng ganito kaaga. hahaha. I'll try to post another one next week. Yan, 2 na aabangan nyo. Yung personal time saka toh!!! hehehe.

Time to sleep!!! Good night world!!!

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