Friday, April 3, 2009

Khim's Thoughts 14: Just sign up for a facebook account

Forgive me, I know that I should be posting "The 27 things that I look forward for this year" as a part my post bday activities. But I just sign up for a facebook account and it took me almost 4 hours to check and looked for my friends, kaya ayun ang ending tom na lang ako mag update ng blog. hehehe. Anyways, I'll post my blog entries tomorrow, PROMISE!!!

Well I also upload some pixs on my friendster account and multiply account. I attended Caloy and Nene's wedding last week and I'll posting a blog entry for that event as well. See yah tom....Promise a lot of blog entry tom...hehehe



Vayie said...

Add me on your Facebook ha? Enjoy siya kesa sa Friendster :)

khimphotz said...

I already added you vayie. WOW super enjoy ako. hahaha. would you believe that I just signed for fACEbook yesterday and super 4 hours ako just to search for friends. hahaha. I already imported my blog dun so kada update ko ng blogspot lalabas sa notes ko hahaha. it's tme for me to update my blogpsot account. hahaha. medjo inaagiw na sya eh..hehehe

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