Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time to Celebrate 2: 27 Things that I look forward as I add another candle on my birthday cake...

Being on my late 20's help me realize a lot of things. I can say that I'm tougher and happier now. Being happy is a matter of choice, I choose to be happy and I will always be happy. I experienced a lot of changes and challenges on my 27 years of existence and I must say that those changes had helped me to become a better woman right now. I have no regrets on the decision that I've made on the past, may it be a bad or good decision. For me when I feel that I made the wrong one, I'll not just sit around the corner and wait for the time for that decision to ruin my day or destroy me. Instead I'll make a way to correct those things and learned from it. That's the best thing that you can get from LIFE.. you ACCEPT your LEARNED from it.... and then you GROW... And when you'll be BETTER....CONTENTED... and HAPPIER.

A lot of my collegues always notice that I always see things in a positive way, even though sometimes for them the scenario is super negative. You can always asked Vayie, and I bet she'll even tell you stories about my insight on taking things positively. I choose to see things in a positive manner because I believe that there's a reason for every thing. For me God will always gives us challenges and it's up for us to discover the good things that goes along with it rather than spending time murmuring and playing around with negative thoughts. God always hide great things in small packages and I must agree that it's true. I was and will always be inspired by these saying: "Whenever God closes the door, somewhere, somehow He always opens the window. He always gives us something better when he take something away." I will always be grateful for my LIFE and I will always be thankful for this. As a part of my post birthday activity I will also try to post a blog entry for the top 27 people that truly inspired me, and I'm thankful that I have them and met them along my journey. For now let me share the 27 things that I look forward to this year and here it goes:

27 Things that I look forward as I add another candle on my birthday cake


1. MORE BONDING TIME WITH MY FAMILY. I'm looking forward to share a lot of bonding time with my family moving forward. Mom and Dad misses me so much as well as my siblings. I'm always busy with my business and my job and I feel guilty that I don't spend too much time with them. I promised to reply to their text messages as well. hehehe. I know a simple "HELLO" and spending a few seconds over the phone can brighten up their day. I realize that next year I'll be getting married and it will be difficult for me to find time to bond with them. So while I'm still single, I have to spend a lot of time with them. Iba na daw kasi pag may asawa ka, you're priority will be your future family na. But I'm pretty sure that I will always be there for my Mom and Dad as well as for my brother and sisters.

2. MORE BONDING TIME WITH FRIENDS. They always asked me to go out but then I usually declined the invitation because I'm too busy. I guess I have to join their weekend activities now. hehehe. Wag naman every week ha. hehehe. Heiz, I'm just waiting for your text hehehe. Ruel, I'll text you agad pag nasa Tagaytay na ako. Ariam and Jonah better plan the "GET AWAY". hehehe. For Vayie and the rest of the morning girls, better plan our "Tagaytay TRIP". Canines, if you're planning for an activity just text me.

3. MORE BONDING TIME WITH MY COUSINS. My cousins and I usually spend bonding time during my college years. Every Christmas break, we will make time to go to ENCHANTED KINGDOM and kahit palit ulit na yung rides pipila at pipila pa din kami. Would you believe that pagbukas pa lang ng Enchanted Kingdom we're there na and we will go home when the gates are about to close. We will then dropped by at Tita Josie's place and we will eat together, kahit ano na lang ang available sa ref nila. hehehe. I missed those times. Sometimes, we will gather at Lola's sala and we will just share our stories and some bloopers that we encountered throughout the week and laugh hard at it. Those we're the times when we will stroll during sunset, watched TV together and enjoy our favorite activity- VIDEOKE. hehehe. I will make it a point to have an activity every other month in order to bring back those times. It's never to late to start again.

4. ATTEND FAMILY GATHERINGS. I'm looking forward to attend family gatherings moving forward. I usually missed family gathering because of my work schedule but now I'm more determined to perform well on my STATS in order to get the FRI-SAT schedule that I want.


5. FIND TIME TO VISIT CRIBS FOUNDATION AND OTHER FOUNDATION THAT I SUPPORT. It's been a while since I last visited this foundation. I'm looking forward to visit them and joined them again in their activities and extend my support when they need it. I'm so fortunate to have a family that can be with me through my ups and down. Every time I visit CRIBS FOUNDATION, I feel pity for those kids that was being left by their family because of unwanted pregnancy, physical abuse, some of them are being abandoned. It was such a wonderful feeling when you know that you can make other people happy even for short period of time. Being with the kids and playing with them, telling them stories, feeding them and putting them to sleep was one of the great time that I had during my visit there. I'll be visiting these kids soon and I just hope that they still know their "ATE KHIM".

6. TO BE MORE ACTIVE IN OUR CHURCH ACTIVITIES. I will make it a point to participate on church activities as often as possible. Being a member of the secretariat for this year is a big responsibility on my part and I know I can contribute more to our church's growth and development by simply joining and promoting their activities as well.

7. PERFORM BETTER. I'm looking forward to perform better on my stats especially now that the appraisal is about to come this June. It will be for my own good as well, if I have good stats I can have the work schedule that I want and I can be able to keep my job. Mahirap mawalan ng trabaho these days sa hirap ng buhay. I'm being overpaid pa nga daw one of my friend told me who's also working on the same company but in a differetn account. hehehe. Actually compare to them, I had a lighter work load so parang sige na nga overpaid na nga hehehe.

8. SAVE MORE. I'm going to continue on saving a portion of my salary every payday. I know that I have to save for my future. I'm planning to open another account for my emergency and retirement fund. I opened a personal account during my colleges days and I'm using that money now for my business. It's pays good to save early. As for our wedding gastos, another account was set-up for that.

9. TO ESTABLISH MY BUSINESS. I'm attending seminars right now that will help me run my business. Actually, it's a series of seminar, I had attended 3 seminar already and 7 more to go. I will take this seriously and hopefully through God's help and a lot of prayers, patience and dedication this business will be a HIT.

10. CUT OF MY GASTOS. I'm going to cut down my gastos to save more. Does that means you'll never see going to the malls or browsing and buying on line for perfumes, bags, shoes, make-ups and blouses? Uhmmm... di rin wahehehe. I'll just cut down my gastos, I didn't say that I'll not purchase them noh. hehehe. I promise to cut down the expenses talaga, minsan kasi napapa tingin ako sa closet di ko naman lahat nagagamit yung mga bags and shoes. hehehe. I'll just buy the things that I need.


11. HAVE A REGULAR EXERCISE. - I'll visit the gym more often. I'm so big na grabe. hehehe. I want to look at my best during my wedding so I better lose weight now before they take my measurement for my wedding gown. Good luck naman sa akin. hehehe.

12. CUT DOWN MY CALORIES INTAKE. In order to lose weight I must also cut down my calories intake. OMG! Good bye Sbarro, Yellow Cab and Highlands Steak house. hehehe. I'll still visit them from time to time, I just have to cut my regular order into half. I think that's fair enough. hahaha.

13. BE MORE CAUTIOUS WITH MY FOOD INTAKE. Regarding my food intake, I usually ate unhealthy foods. A lot of chips, and sweets. Now I'll make sure that I'm going to eat a lot of healthy foods.

14. HAVE A REGULAR PAMPERING ROUTINE. Sometimes I forgot to have my facial cleansing in a month and I'll just notice black and white heads sa face ko. ewwwww. So moving forward I'll visit my dermatologist regularly. I'll be spending a day in the Spa once a month for a body scrub and massage and I'll have my foot and hand spa 1x a month too. (kasi sabi ni Dok it 28 days daw dapat ang interval pag sa foot spa.) As for my pedicure and manicure I'll be having it every other week.

15. DRINK A LOT OF WATER. I'll try to take a lot of water everyday because it really helps our body to get rid of toxins. That was the advice that my doctor gave me on my last visit. I usually had head ache and He told me that one factor why I usually had these head ache is becuse I lack fluid in my system. I admit "tamad talaga ako uminom ng water". hahaha. So moving forward in order to be healthy I'll drink at least 8 glases of water.

16. 8 HOURS OF SLEEP. I'll try to take at least 8 hours of sleep everyday. My doctor told me that our body needs rest and better had an 8 hour sleep a day in order for our organs to function well. There goes the explanation.


17. TRAVEL 1X OR 2x A YEAR. I'm looking forward to travel 1x or 2x a year in order to have a bonding time with my fiancee. We love to travel and it's also one way to make up for the times that we're not together. We're on a Long Distance Relationship and spending time together is really important to us.

18. VISIT THE TOWN. I'm looking forward to visit atleast 1 place from Ivan's blog. All the IT,directions and instructions are on his site so we'll not be having any problem during our stay. He's encouraging us to explore our own land, I guess that one way of showing that we love our country.

19. TRY AND DINE. I'm looking forward to try the restaurants that Anton Diaz recommends on his blog. When it comes to food reviews I trust this guy.

20. SCRAPBOOKS. I'm going to make scrapbooks of different events and occasions that I've attended. It's one way of preserving the memories and you can easily grab that one when you want to share it to your friends and families.

21. COOKING LESSONS. I will take my cooking lessons seriously. I'll try to apply the cooking techniques that I've learned and I'm going to finish my culinary lesson kasi sayang naman ang pinagbayad. hehehe.


22. BOOK OUR WEDDING SUPPLIERS THIS YEAR. We're looking forward to book our wedding suppliers this year. As of this time we're still finalizing the details and we're finally choosing the suppliers that will handle our wedding. Hopefully by September 2009 lahat sila ma-book na namin.

23. FINALIZE OUR DIY TEMPLATE BEFORE THE YEAR ENDS. We're starting to do the our monogram and guest list as early as now. So next year, all we have to do is print those details and hand it over to our coordinator.


24.LAPTOP. I would like to purchase a laptop this year. I badly need one for my business. hehehe.

25. DVD'S OF MY FAVORITE SHOW I would like to purchase the complete DVD of FRIENDS, GREY'S ANATOMY AND ETC. So when I have free time I'll just turned on the player and panaorin sila.

26. BOOKS. I'm going to buy a book very month. I learned a lot from reading and i will never give up reading.


27. UPDATE MY BLOG REGULARLY. I'll be updating my blog regularly in order to post all the things that I experienced which I know can somehow inspired you in a little way. Every time I receive text messages from friends asking them to update na my blog because they miss my stories is one good reason why I should always update my blog. Thanks, Vayie, Tetay, Jen, my w@wie sisses and sa mga barkada ko na ayAw pa mag open ng blog account kasi mas gusto daw nila ung nagbabasa lang hahaha. - MAE, LIZA, SHE, DYN, EM, JR, POCH, ALEX, JD,JOYCE, JEFF- thank you po for always visiting and reading my blog.

On my next blog entry you can read the 27 PEOPLE THAT TOUCHED AND INFLUENCE my life. I will always be thankful that I have them. Better visit this blog tomorrow in order to know who had touched and influence my life to help me become what I am now.

Until my next blog entry, toddles!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sis. Late 20s up to early 30s is a nice age to be in for us women. We're a lot wiser and at the same time, we're young enough to be curious and try new things. :) Good luck achieving your goals. God bless and happy easter. :)

dezphaire said...

hi sis happy easter!

i also want a new laptop! haaay. so much gear lust. i swear. it's impairing my wedding budgeting like anything.

btw - the tabs on my wedsite are c/o the template ng weebly (the web host) so i'm really not sure how to edit for the HTML of blogspot.

Vayie said...

I don't see anything wrong with being overly optimistic and positive in life. I think, it has always been your good trait. To see the glass half-filled rather than half-empty. Sometimes, it's also good having you around on really frustrating situations because you rub some of your positivity at us. You know naman how me and Jen are like, right? So if there's one thing I'd wish for your 27th year, that is to continue to be like that. =) No wonder, aside from Tetay, you're one of the few people I know oozing with endorphins and happy hormones in your body.

P.S. I noticed, paganda na ng paganda ang layout ng blog natin ha! Good work!

khimphotz said...

Thanks vayie. hahaha. paganda ba ng paganda..syempre magagaling ang aking mga blog mentor...thanks sau saka kay tetay.....

salamat sa lahat ng help. Whenever I visit blog ng mga friends ko then nakikita ko na may napulot sila sa blog ko natutuwa ako. slamat sa inyo ni tetay dahil alang sawa niyo binibisita toh at pag may concern ako natutulungan niyo ako. hehehe. late bloomer ako dito sa blog eh hehehe.

thanks ulit blog mentor....

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