Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Wedding Diary 32: Wedding Expo 2010

I can’t miss to attend this bridal fair. This is the biggest bridal fair in the country that’s being held every March and September. I’m currently looking for an invitation and couterier pa din that’s why I decided to attend this fair. I’m always like that, when I try to attend a fair I make it a point na may certain wedding supplier lang ako na hahanapin para naka focus ako sa mga details. Usually, I look for 2 or 3 wedding suppliers lang para di ako masyado nag ru-rush.

Cacai and Ivan kept me company, they are also preparing for their wedding. Wala kasi si Roj kaya sila muna kasama ko. I think Roj will be joining me this September to make last minute decisions sa mga suppliers. As soon as we arrive at PICC Forum, we headed towards the registration booth and got our name tags and loot bags.

Cacai and I were so excited to check the gowns on display. Cai, took some pictures of the gowns and cakes pero patago lang. Bawal naman kasi talaga. hahaha. Magaling lang kami. I'm still waiting for Cai to send me the pictures and then I'm going to post it here in order for you to check the details of the gown. I just keep the brochures of the couturiers in order for me to compare the rates and their works.

We checked the Imagine Nation booth and I got interested on their “Before I Do” seminar. It’s a seminar for the brides and grooms to be. It will focus on the important factors that will make or break the marriage. I texted Roj and asked if He wanted to join the seminar and He said “Yes”. We will pay the fee and attend this seminar on November. I’m glad my fiancée is so open minded about this seminar, yung ibang grooms kasi ayaw eh or pahirapan. Buti na lng si Roj, basta para sa amin game lagi.

They are also offering lessons on photography and I think I might join one of them. Hehehe.

Vintage Bridal Car for our wedding? Uhmmm....Why not!!! It's so classy!!! If budget permits, were going to book one!!!I’m going to update our budget list tonight in order to check if we’re not over spending.

But what really made my day is I've found an event stylist and I'm so happy because she really know what I want for my wedding theme.

Unlike other suppliers who wants me to provide pictures first, this one is different. I just describe what I wanted and she really suggested a lot of ideas. We might visit them at their office next month. I'm so excited!!!! Good thing I had one more month before mag start yung first day ko sa bagong company kasi April will be allotted for meet ups with suppliers. Gosh, only 9 months to go!!!! So far, we made a lot of accomplishment on our wedding preparations. We might start doing our DIY stuff as early as June 2010 para naman pagdating ng December or November pa spa spa na lang ako. hehehe.

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