Sunday, December 6, 2009

Treat Yourself to some personal time 7: Plan your vacation

Want a vacation? Plan it out even if you don’t have the money (yet). Canvass for the best deals right from your home through the telephone directory. Find out when they have special promos and cheaper rates. Who knows, maybe all of this might come true one day!

Khim says: We’re doing this right now!!! We’re planning to have a grand vacation next year for our Anniversary. For sure, this will be 2 months of canvassing!!! Hehehe. Good thing we avail the discounted seat rates of Cebu pacific, so we’re just going to find the accommodation!!! Can’t wait to have this vacation!!!!

1 comment:

Vayie said...

Ano ba, hindi na ba talaga matutuloy `yung Tagaytay natin??? (Galit na ako niyan...hehehe)

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