Thursday, February 3, 2011

Khim's Thoughts 26: 2011, What's New?

I know this might be a bit late but I still wanted to great my blog readers a happy new year.

I've been busy with my wedding preparations last year and I seldom post entries. Too bad I cannot post them on time as I still need to balance my time for my wedding preparations and work. No need to worry guys, I will be able to post all of them this month! PROMISE! You can read my suppliers rating and all the things that happened during the last stage of our wedding preparation and of course our big day.

For now, let me just share the new things that I will be embracing this 2011. You can check it out ...

1.) My New Civil Status

Just changed it from SINGLE to MARRIED

2.) My Family Name

I am using my husband's family name now!!! :-)

3.) I was given a new task at the office.

It is a very challenging position and I am very much flattered because our big boss choose me to handle that job!!!

4.) New Blog!!!

Heard that right, I will be launching 2 new blog this year. I decided to open 2 more blogs in order to be more organize. While A Wonderful Journey tackles my everyday adventure in life, travel diary, wedding diary and some of my favorite things to do the second blog will be an online resource for ????? (it will be revealed on APRIL 2011) the third blog will be a wonderful blog for ????? out there (it will be launched by May 2011)

Watch out for the grand launching of these blogs!!!

5.) We are moving IN

We are moving to a new place on May 2011. I've been residing at Sampaloc Manila for a decade now and I will surely miss the place. No regrets at all, we need to move for a better and bigger place so I can have more space for my cooking and baking stuff. I also need a bigger space for my mini Office :-)

6.) New Source of income - Business!!!

I decided to pursue this business as I know that I really have a heart for it. We will launch it by June 2011. I am now processing the papers and permits and even registering it. I am so excited for this business and I know my friends will agree that I am really fitted for this industry.

7. Another source of Income -New business again

We are planning to launch this business maybe by last quarter of this year. While the first business is my idea, the second business is hubby's idea. We don't want to tired ourselves working for other companys until our 50's or 60's. We wanted to have our own company! :-)

8.) New Places to visit

As early as now, we have a list of the places that we should visit this year!!! We just love traveling and I know that we will enjoy every destinations that we are going to conquer!!!

Those are few of the new things that I will be embracing this 2011!!!

Good start, Good Beginning, Good Journey, Good Year!!!

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